KH29 or Oregon


There are some things you can do to lighten up that uni, such as using a lighterweight tube (Maxxis Freeride 300gm vs Surly 450gm), also check out some of new tires coming out, so if you have one of the wire bead Larry tires which weigh 1500gm, the newer Larry folding is 1300gm, and there are even lighter tires coming out all the time.

And don’t be afraid to try other cranks, my favs are 165 Moments, tons of leverage, nice wide stance for balance.

Once the Surly Knard is available I should be on one quickly and I’ll post a review :slight_smile:

@Nurse Ben

Yeah I will definitely look into it - for the moment I am happy to have customised it to have a green KH FFR saddle plus stock cranks deducted/removed as I have some 150s hanging around that I want to put to good use. Suspect I will eventually up grade them to 165s, hopefully KH Dual Moments!

Yep will keep a look out at tyre reviews etc, but I hope to be as Happy as Larry for a while :wink:


Hello again. Wanted to post a quick ride report from my perspective as a relatively new unicyclist. Been riding since I learned in March this year. 20 > 24 > now 26" Oregon…
(Sorry, I know that there is probably a better 100% Oregon thread to post this, but as I chimed in here yesterday…)

It is such a beast of a MUni! But also surprisingly easy to adjust to. I was surprised how I was able to just jump on it and go. There is a little bit of adjustment needed for me with free mounting, but I get that even when I switch from my 24’ to my 20’ trials!

I was also expecting a ton of MUni, and in fact it seemed really light. When I carried the box in I was for a few seconds worried they’d missed out something important, it was (to me) that light. I compared it to my Nimbus 24 (which has KH DMs, Maguras) and there was 500g between them. The 24 at 7.3kg and the Oregon at 7.8kg.

I did a very basic ‘getting to know U-(ni)’ ride today and all promises well… I did notices myself leaning a tad to one side at times - Is this what people mean about the Oregon and it not tracking well on side-sloping pavements? Off-camber is it called?? - Well, I worked hard at good body positioning and a more assertive stance and pedal drive action. I noticed I did need to work the grab handle more to get it to obey me at times - I suspect this is what was meant about the Oregon having auto-steer problems. I think I will overcome this in time and with a bit of persistence and a more agressive ride.

Could the KH T-Bar help with this? I found it improved somewhat when I forced myself to grab the grab handle with both hands… Next up is playing with PSI as I have read tons about finding a sweet spot.

Taking the Oregon to a night ride event tomorrow so we will see how I manage in a crowd!





Tire pressure is important to adjust the ride feel, so too high a pressure makes it twitchy and bouncy, not enough and it’s sluggish. I don’t know that there is any pressure that helps with autosteer, but what does help is to stay centered over the uni, so if you tend to lean your body to the side, then this will worsen autosteer and the uni will tend to take a turn to the side.

After you ride the Larry for a while you’ll start to notice that it has a “tipping point” where the uni will turn faster and want to hold a turn, it’s almost like the tire has an edge it “tips” to the side. Speed is your freind with a uni that has a lot of mass.

A good handle helps, but the T Bar handle is probably not the kind of handle that wil be helpful. Take a look at my muni handle design and see if you can get one made locally. I’m revising my design so that it’s stainless tubing welded onto a small stainless plate which is then bolted in place over the KH stiffener plate.

Run a low seat and try some higher Q cranks, like Moments, this will help wih body position, power, and stability.