KH29 or Oregon

I’ve had a KH29 and now have a Conundrum with Large Marge / Larry similar to the Oregon as well as a regular 26" muni. Overall I’d agree with Dave K’s review here. The Large Marge / Larry combination is capable of speeds close to KH29 on smoother trails but it takes more work to turn the heavier wheel. When the trail gets rougher, the stability and float of the Large Marge / Larry makes it possible to just bomb through areas that would take a more deliberate approach on a 29er, which can save a lot of energy (and be a lot more fun).

Here’s a video showing a

. Note that Jeff on the KH29 is a much stronger rider than I am. The only reason I can keep up with him on some sections is the Large Marge / Larry.

Are there any downsides to the big Large Marge / Larry combination? For me the biggest one is that the heavier wheel makes it harder to hop up and on to things, but I’m not very good at hopping on to obstacles anyway.