KH29 - interesting review written by a real Bastard


I kinda liked it. He does give some good points. I’m thinking he got snafu’s with his…

so the guy loves riding his KH29 more than anything, but feels ‘cheated by Kris’ because of the signatures… including the hub cut-outs?

lol … can bastards be princesses? i guess so :slight_smile:

10 $ pedals = 10$ more uni cost

I think Kris’s choice of Snafu and JC pedals to be excellent. Sure, they are heavy, but generally tough, not so many warranty claims, that bite into the KH profits. These tough pedals sell retail for 25 $, but maybe KH would buy 5000 and give good PR, so KH gets them for 10 $ pair, or at least real cheap.:slight_smile:

So here is the KH market decision. Put on pedals that raise the wholesale cost of the uni by 10 $ :astonished: , or stick Popsicle sticks in the cranks, and let the customer decide what pedals he wanted to buy, with the extra 10 $ saved. :thinking:

The brand rap thing about “Kris Holm” being lazered into the parts is lame IMHO. :roll_eyes:

High end unicycles aren’t thought of by their owners as " brands", but rather as a collection of “parts”. Each part has a quality level and cost attached to it.

In the tiny unicycle market, I think the tiny cost it takes for KH to sign each part is helpful to me. I can buy and sell these parts more easily, at a higher value, as a result of this brand label etched into the part, for tiny $.

So sure it would be screwy for Toyota to stamp their name on every part. It wouldn’t be helpful. But a unicycle is not a car, or a pair of blue jeans.

Never, in all of my rides, and talking to a lot of people, did I find anyone who asked or knew anything about the labeling of the parts. :roll_eyes: I think KH has a long way to go to catch Prada LOL .:wink: KH labels the parts to help us.:slight_smile:

I think it is very funny that the KH unicycle is being critiqued as a fashion assembly, with to many logos. :slight_smile:

No. He didn’t. But i’m not bothered about the labeling, I have 1 KH logo on my uni, it’s enough. I just wished he didnt put his logo on the flanges of the hub. BUt the hub has more problems than just that unfortunately.

Koxx put they’re logo loads. I mean lets count tryal/koxx logos on my uni (no added stickers).

one on the rim tryall reinforced
2 on the cranks k1 light
2 on the tyre (white tryall)
1 on the hub (k1 reinforced hub)

and that’s only on my wheelset… which admitedly is pretty much a k1 wheel now.


there are16 signatures on 1 KH unicycle… its a little rediculous…
KH parts are good an all, but they aren’t the most amazing ever seen, do they really need that many sigs?

1 on the seat cover
1 on the seat post
1 on the seat clamp
3 on the frame
1 on the rim
1 on the axle
8 on the flanges

the parts are sold separately, seems reasonable to me.

Mine came with Jim C pedals, and they’ve been fine for the 15 or so months I’ve ridden them (and I’m like the author–I hardly ride any other muni now). I think the author’s being a bit unfair to critique the uni because of cheap pedals. There are road and mountain bikes in the $2k+ category that also have crappy parts standard.

Yeah, KH has been great on selling components separately, and so they are each sig’ed. I’ll gladly put up the sig’s to be able to replace or upgrade to KH components. Especially since KH components represent the best quality/performance/price in the business.

My Nimbus36 frame came with additional UDC stickers on each side of the upper frame, each already coming off at the edges. When removed they revealed frame scratches. KH sigs are quality work, not trashy camouflage.

Great Site!

I loves that Unicycle Bastard site! The KH29 veiw was very fair and good. Keep in mind that we don’t see cars mixing parts but we do now see shamelessly mixed unicycles so I think that the signaturres are kind of nesessary. I to don’t like the pedals. When I order a new unicycle I go and buy pedals to have when it arrives. Just can’t stand JC or Snafu. Pedals are one of the easiest and most effective ways of lowering weight and mproving your ride.

The creator of the site does have a nice way with words and has quite a sense of humor! Way to go!


Are you people that mad random people can see the best brand out there so easily? I think kh should put more on.

More power to logos.

Nice review.