KH29 GUNI, Day 1

wee little video, had to make it of Day 1 on the KH29 GUNI

Sweet ride. I wish I had a Guni. They are so awesome.

Cool! Can’t wait til my KH26 guni is done, I think it’ll be awesome.

thats a fat dog.

Hehe! true but she has lost huge amounts of weight since she started coming out on uni rides. She’s good for rides up to 15km or so, provided I stop every now and then for her to catch up or have a swim. GUNI could make it too tough though - she’s given up and headed home a couple of times already :o

The GUNI is awesome for sure. Installing it was no problem and changing gears isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be - which were both a relief after following the schlumpf related threads. The main thing is the speed - it is nuts off road in 1:1.5.

Having the patience and discipline not to go too fast too soon is probably the hardest thing so far. I’ve already had a a few of those MTB ‘Oh I’m gonna run straight into that tree at speed and die’ moments :astonished:

I think a 26 GUNI could really be a great all rounder, but maybe with something less than 1:1.5 for high gear.

That looks like fun … Can tell your loving it.