KH29 frame with Nimbus wheelset

Pristine KH29 Frame with brand new Nimbus wheel, specked below:

* Nimbus ISIS hub
* Machined 42mm bearing holders to accept ISIS hub
* Strong splined Nimbus ISIS hub - the lastest in unicycle hub technology. Developed specially by, the leaders in unicycle technology.
* Wide alloy single wall eyeletted Nimbus rim, 36 spokes, blue anodised
* Schwalbe 28 x 2.35" Big Apple tyre, with Kevlar bead and reflective strip on the sidewall
* Nimbus 125mm ISIS alloy cranks


BRAND NEW - I don’t like the 29" size. :angry:
Will sell separately or together.
Frame = $140NZ
Wheel = $230
Or buy both for $320

my contact number is zero six, eight 4 three, nine 2 double eight.

Here is a picture, but I am selling parts not the whole thing, unless someone is REALLY interested.
P.S. The tyre in the picture is flat, as I popped the tube trying to hop on it. However since then I have put on a new tube and have also got another off road tyre. I am selling both tyres with the wheel (1 tyre = free)

Looks like a nice uni. Too bad it would cost a fortune to ship to the US.

Yeah it is a handsome beast but alas I don’t ride it much and when I do it’s only out of sheer guilt that such an expensive uni is just hanging there! If only some NZ rider will give it a good loving home:(

i’m actually keen, are you going to uniweekend? my car is getting a warrant next week, and pending the cost of that i may seriously think about it…

Why don’t you give me a call and we can discuss numbers - I’m happy to lower my price a bit! I would have loved to go to the weekend but can’t due to work commitments :angry: I’ve couriered a uni to Hamilton before and it was around $26, it was a smaller wheel though. I’d be happy to offer it to you at $330 including postage! my telephone number is 06 843 92 double eight or my e-mail is jamesandrox_at_hotmaildotcom

well at the moment I can’t spend anything at all until I know how much the car is going to be :stuck_out_tongue: but after next week, sure! it comes with everything except the seatpost/seat, clamp and pedals right?

Yup and a brand spanking new never been used WTB Stout 29 x 2.3" Tyre worth $65! The only thing is the seat clamp - if you wouldn’t mind a black one rather than a white one. Do you perhaps have any 26" parts you would like to trade? I’m looking for a KH26 frame…

sounds good! yeah no prob, if I decide to get it haha.

no sorry, until now i’m a trials/street rider! just 20" stuff

Can you give me a date/day you’d know by? I’m thinking of listing it on trademe also as I’m really keen on selling it.

next tuesday I should know.

Trademe will certainly get a lot more interest, as there are a lot of riders who don’t use the forums. feel free to put it on trademe whenever

Thanks - I’ve put it on trade me but I’m guessing it will still be there on Tuesday!

yeah i’m watching the auction :smiley: looks good!

I’ll post new photos tonight of what I’m actually selling…i.e. frame, wheel and extra tyre.

BC…are you off the watch list? Someone has dropped off, so I’m guessing your car needs some work :frowning: ?

i’m still watching it, my car needed some work, but not as bad as i thought. so i’l have to think about it, but will let you know