KH29 Complete Unicycle with extra tire

I just listed my KH29 on eBay. The auction includes the complete unicycle equipped with Kris Holm components and a Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tire plus the original WTB Stout 2.3.

The cycle only saw pavement riding and was never ridden in the dirt or wet.

You’re welcome to make an offer above the starting price through the listing. Ask any questions. Thanks!

What length cranks does it have?

Thank for your inquiry, my apologies for the delay. The cranks are 150mm.

Thanks for the crank length. How about the seat post size?

The seat post length is the original stock length that it is was manufactured with

  • it has not been cut (assuming that was your question). If there is some variance in stock those lengths just let me know and I’d ne happy to remove and measure it for you.