Kh29 2009

I’m giving up on unicycling. The torn ACL just ain’t worth it at this point in my life.

So I have a kh29 for sale, which I bought last year. Photos available here:

The photos are very hi-res, so right-click or something to see any of them bigger. I have only been on the road with this one, just to and from work almost every day, 4 miles each way, so it’s still in good shape.

I’ll throw in the original tire and the Armadillo Elite cross tire pictured. No brakes.

If I get $500 or so, I’ll cover shipping costs. It is boxed and ready to go! Make reasonably offers…


I should say – I’ll cover shipping costs to continental US addresses. We’ll need to communicate first before it goes outside that area.

May be just me, but I can’t seem to make the pictures any bigger.

Sorry to hear about your ACL problem.

You can right click the image you want to make bigger then press view image (or at least that’s how I can do it in firefox).

Where are you located in the US?

I’m in Provo, Utah at zip 84601.

Price drop to $480 – but as stated, I’m open to offers. Boxed and ready.

An observant unicycling fellow noted that this is not the 2009 model. I assume then that it is 2008 (although the bike shop listed it as 2009). Purchased new last June though.

What is the difference between the 2008 and 2009?

I’m no afficionado, but I think the saddle is the biggest difference. I got this email response from Kris Holm regarding this issue (hopefully he’s ok with me posting this here):

In this case it’s the shot of the underside of the saddle that gives it away - the 2009 saddles use allen head bolts rather than dome nuts. It’s not really an issue unless you wanted to use a KH touring handle as that requires the 2009+ base.

I’ll buy it if it’s still available.

email me: