KH29 2007 model

Hi, I’m having a hard time justifying to have 5 unicycles kicking around, so I decided to sell my KH29. It is in excellent condition, only used for light xc riding and city cruising so far.
I had a lot of fun on it and if I had some more room for it I would definitely want to keep it. It is very light and responsive, a very fun ride. I will sell it with the Kenda Nevegal and Big Apple 2,5 tires, KH ffr, rail bracket and adjustable KH rail seat post. Cranks are KH moments 150mm, pedals are Odyssey JCs. Let me know if you’re interested.

hi munirocks

not intressed myself but it would be a good thing to alsow post your uni on the dutch forum (

will safe you some shipping cost if someone in the netherlands is willing to buy the unicycle;)

here are some pictures:

im interested!
i will pay for shipping to the uk if its not too much.
how about £200/ 220 euro?

Hey, I have decided to sell it for the best offer over 300€. But unfortunately I’ll have to keep it until 3rd of may. Because I might need it as an emergency replacement for a marathon taking place on that date.

you can buy it new for only slightly more than that though, its 300£, so about 340$ new

That’s 340€, not $. I wasn’t aware it was still being sold anywhere else. So get it there if you prefer, I don’t mind. I’m not in a hurry anyways and I don’t mind keeping it for a while…


I’m looking for a 29er to get around town and a bit of cross country.
do you know how much would the shipping costs would be to the UK (London)?

Hey, I have sort of decided against selling it, at least for now. I had been hoping to be able to use the new KH26 frame for my geared 26" wheel, but now it seems it won’t have enough clearance for a fat tire (which I really want badly). So I’ll have to use the 29" frame for now. Hopefully Kris will be coming up with a larger 26" frame by winter, so when that happens I’ll sell the complete KH29. Sorry folks.:o

Okay, I got the new KH26 frame now, so I can finally sell the KH29. Not because I don’t like it anymore. In fact I love it and I would prefer to keep all my unis. But living in one single room means getting rid of things that are not really getting a lot of use…

As you can see the frame has been stripped. So I hope you like silver. One great advantage of this besides the cool looks is that scratches won’t show.

Apart from the frame everything else is in exactly the same condition.

I would be willing to sell it for 300€ + shipping. Let me know if you’re interested.