KH29 2005 w/2 prs KH cranks

I’ve got a 2005 KH29XC for sale, because I just bought a new one.

The KH29XC is in great condition, a few scratches and dirt. New bearings, an upgraded seat - 2007 Freeride w/groove, 150mm KH cranks and an extra pair of 165mm cranks. What were those called - Onza?

I’ll charge actual shipping cost, which could be $40 or $50.

Make an offer, but I may end up eBaying it. I’ll post pics soon.


OK - I’ve put the KH29 up on eBay. (for $1!)

I’m confused

Is bikeisland selling the 08 model KHs. If they do then that is an even awesomer deal.

THe Cranks on that Uni, are the KH/Onza Tubular cranks.

Bike Island sell only the 07 models.

That is explicitly against the rules of eBay, and it wouldn’t be hard to catch someone who did that too often. Not only that, but it’s sort of like stealing from eBay.

Don’t forget that it’s also against the law in many places. Ebay can and will refer such cases to law enforcement.