KH26 with Surly Large Marge & extras

Hi everybody,

summer cleaning continue featuring my beloved 26 muni.
Time to say goodbye as the stable is under strict population control and it doesn’t have as much love as it deserves.

Here is the break-down of parts (top to bottom):

  • KH Muni saddle flattened (uncut original foam and Nimbus removable cover)
  • CrMo 27.2mm seatpost
  • KH 26 frame 2013 with disk tab & magura mounts (great shape, only few rides)
  • Specialized Purgatory UST 26x2.4 tire with over 95% tread left (just a couple of rides)
  • Bontrager 2.5 tube with Slime sealant inside
  • Surly Large Marge DH rim (some impact & scratches + a small bent on the top of the sidewall but still indestructible – try to find it on the side pic :smiley: )
  • DT Swiss black spokes
  • KH Blue ISIS hub
  • KH Moment 137mm with self-extracting bolts (like new just a couple of ride in a parking lot)
  • KH clear pedals with blue studs

And some extras:

  • Intense DH 26x2.5 tyre
  • Blue Maguras set with mounts & brand new pads + rings (bled & verified by Brycer and never installed since)

Total weight: 5.9 kg / 13 lbs

If you want, here is some alternate parts you can swap:

  • light aluminium 125mm Qu-Ax cranks
  • unmodified KH Muni saddle

For high resolution pics, see my Flickr through my signature link and go to the “KH 26 Large Marge” album.

The good news is: you still have some room to shave weight down (tube, seatpost, cranks, saddle) while retaining the strong ride of a Large Marge :wink:

I am asking $595 including shipping to continental US.

Additional information:

=> the seatpost is cut to 250mm

=> the high resolution pics are finally online in this Flickr album.

I’m surprised a tire that small fits on that rim.

What is the biggest tire that can be put on that frame? Seems I remember it not being all that wide right? Will it hold any of the surly tires (the 26x3.8 ones)?

Re: KH26 with Surly Large Marge & extras

Hi anton005,

that’s pretty much the smallest that can provide a reasonable ride. With the KH frame you can go up to 3.0 tires (Duro, Gaz or even Surly Knarrd 3.0 or Dirt Wizard 2.75).

If you want to go bigger, you will need to get a more generous frame.

But with smaller or bigger tires, this rim is a pleasure to ride (so stable :smiley: ).

Something to think about. I’ve been thinking about an Oregon 26 for sometime, but always thought it was a little on the large side. This might just be what I’m looking for. I got to think on it a bit. Thanks for the info.