KH26 Rim on KH24 Frame

I do not have my KH24 2009 muni with me but would like to know whether this frame will take a KH26 rim and what size of tire will fit.

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The main question is what kinda of tire would you have on the KH26 rim? If it is the usual 26x2.6" or 26x3" nobby tire then no way, but a smooth/skinnier tire might have a chance. Are you planning to use the uni for muni or road or street or what?

what about XC with WTB 26x2.3 Stout? or similar.


The actual clearance from a KH24 rim to the frame is about 85 to 90mm. With a KH26 rim in the 24 frame, the clearance would be 60-65. With the 24x3 tire, there is about 15mm of clearance, making the tire about 70 to 75 mm tall. You need at the VERY LEAST 5mm of clearance, and I would be much more comfortable with 10mm. This means that your 26" tire would have to be 50mm tall (or less) from the rim to the very top of the tire. The 24x3 tire is pretty massive, so a tire that would be 35% shorter than it should exist in a XC sort of format. I looked for a while online to try to find actual height and with dimensions for the WTB Stout 2.3 (a great tire, everyone seems to concur), but I could not find any. I would try to borrow someone’s 26 rim just to check before you spent any money, but there is a definite possibility that it would work.

Many thanks Scotthue for taking your time looking into this. Deeply appreciated.

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No problem, your question piqued my intrigue and I wanted to see if I might be able to put a 26 on my 24.

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P.S. Be sure to post your results (with pictures even) if you end up trying this.

I have an answer that has neither the Kh rim, nor the KH frame, but maybe it will be some help anyway. I put together a 26" road wheel with an old mtb rim, and used a 26x1.25 specialized fatboy tire. It went into an Onza MUni frame, and gave me about a centimeter of clearance. So, from that experience I would say that it’s unlikely you’ll get a knobby tire on your rim/frame combo.

The KH24 frames have a good amount of clearance, even with the massive 24x3 frames, so I think that there is a definite chance that it will work.

I meassured the Kenda Kinetics (26x2.35) tire of my GU stock (trial bike) and it is about 45 / 47 mm tall. However i do not know how this tire will work as on a muni.

I’ll wait for your info and test.

Many thanks again

I’m not sure if this would work, you would most likely have to try it.

Continental gravity on Echo rim (46mm) in 09 KH24 frame.

tight but definitely doable.

Do you know if there is any difference in size between the KH 26 rim and the Echo 26?

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1 mm in width. I’d be more worried about the difference in tire size.

I have a 26" wheel on my Torker DX 24" frame! It works, but I never use this uni anyway, also, really small clearance.

Wouldn’t your tire start dragging as soon as you got it dirty? Just sayin’ =P

Yeah… but another tire might provide more clearance, and the question was whether it was possible, not necessarily was it a good idea…

I guess I forgot to mention that the Conti tire is rated as a 2.3 but is sort of small, It measured out at 2.2" at the tread on my rim. It worked fairly well as a dry conditions XC tire but would pack up in mud. I never used it with that frame, just put it together to see if it would fit before selling the frame.

Thanks for the help Eric.

Thanks Scotthue - Eric, I do not think it would be a good idea to fit a 26 rim on the KH24 frame. Looking at Eric posted pic it is clear that is feasible but maybe not useful for its intended purpose :(.

The WTB Stout is wider than the Kenda Kintetics although rated with same width.

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It turns out that the 2007 KH24 frame (pre-reinforced version) has a slightly higher crown than the newer models. Here is my KH24 frame with a KH26 wheelset in it. The tire is a 26x2.6 with 10-15mm of clearance.