kh26 -> kh29

Well after moving from my kh24 to a KH26 5 months ago I have now made the jump to a KH29

I reused my hub, seat, brake and pedals and replaced the rest of the parts to turn my faithful 26er into a 29er!

I had issue sourcing a rim and had my payment refund twice from different suppliers when trying to purchase a Salsa Gordo rim, I ended up getting the Sun Ringle MX33 but I already had the spokes so took a gamble using 12mm nipples rather than 14mm which was the correct size for the non disc side but a bit long for the disc side.

Unfortunately as I was literally a few threads short on the disc side but the wheel was almost true and has good tension and will cope with a few XC rides with ease until I can afford to get another set of spokes for that side and rebuild the wheel again.

Other than the the build went well, mounted her first time which felt even easier due the big wheel requiring more effort to get going. I was hoping about and riding it just like my kh26. I have 170mm cranks on there to match my preferred bike length and also give me almost the same (slightly higher) pedal to wheel diameter ration as the 145mm cranks on my 26er as I have a job on some hills where I ride (it is a very hilly area).

Even riding on road and messing about on the curbs the 29" wheel just rolls up and down them with no real correction required so I am very excited to see how she rolls off road.

I was surprised that she almost felt as nimble as the 26er the fact the conversion has only added 140 ish grams over my kh26 has helped (and that is with a heavier saddle I am trying out)

Roll on Saturday when I can get her muddy!!

Stripping the old wheel down, pulling the bearing to get the rotor off

New parts

Completed MUni

Not bad at all

That is an attractive uni. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s unicycle.

A 33mm rim is actually kind of narrow for muni, especially with that monstrous tire. I’d be interested to know if you have trouble with it folding over.

Soo, are we going to see a superlight KH 36 muni in couple of months? :wink:

I rode a 31mm on a 2.4" tyre for 5 months on the KH26 without issue, it isn’t much narrower than the KH XC rim, as I also pointed out when my “narrow” rim choice was questioned in my kh26 build thread the ratio is not really any different to a 3" duro on the KH rim I was riding on my 24"

If you ride hardcore MUni you will get some fold over depending on tyre pressure but I ride XC and do minimal side jumping, I have a KH20 trials for my mad stuff :smiley:

As for the KH36, well never say never :wink:

I’ll say. So good the scale is smiling.

Nice work. Feisty
Is that Unicycle 3.5 or 4 ?:slight_smile:

Hmm that is a touch one

my KH24 was my first = 1
then I built my KH26 from scratch = 2
next came a stock KH20 long neck trials = 3
then I replaced everything on the KH20 apart from the frame and post = 3.5
and finaly I changed frame, rim, spokes, tyre, cranks on the 26 to build the KH29 = 4

so 3 new Unis and 2 50% upgrades :stuck_out_tongue:

After a fantastic 19 mile ride in some major mud that even jammed my wheel up the 29er got a proper christening.

The large will is incredible at rolling over stuff it truly flattened the trail, my option to go for 170mm cranks to keep crank to wheel diameter ratio the same as 145mm on my 26er made it incredible up hill, enabling me to ride hills I have never conquered before with little effort, so much so at the end of the ride I really wasn’t too tired.

The Schwalbe Hand Dampf tire was god like in its grip and its big volume coupled with wheel size ate the stones and bumps. This tyre is also pretty light and having snake skin side walls is brilliant on all the flint I have to ride on especially as it claimed a £50+ tyre the other month on my 26"

On the flip side one of my reasons for the wheel size increase was going faster but the 170mm are just not suited to being spun quickly so my speed was slower than on my 26er :frowning: , so I have slapped my 145mm cranks back on and am just going to beast myself on those as I know I can spin those puppies. Reading the forums they would be considered medium length cranks as lots of people like 125mm.

Even with the slow crank the 29er was actually very nimble and I was hoping through muddy sections when I stalled out and over roots and rocks, I also moved to an old 2008 KH street gel saddle foam and cover which made for a very comfy ride even after 19 mile my butt felt fine, it may have been helped by the wide bike trials cranks so now I am back on my zero Q-factor 145mm cranks I will be interested to see if I get the chaffing back.

So overall I am very happy and to those thinking of going from a 24" to a 26" I would recommend jumping straight to the 29" to get the most out of the switch


She is almost perfect :smiley:

After switching to 137mm cranks (which I am loving) I have upgraded to a larger 180mm 2 piece Shimano XT rotor and a Goodridge braided hose to help on thel hils as my short cranks give little leg braking force



What’s the benefit of a braided hose?

+1 though I wouldn’t have believed it myself as the 26" Oracle was my first foray into MUni and, at the time, I thought my big decision was 24" versus 26" so I never considering a 29er. Now my Oracle only gets used when I’m tooling around the house. If its an epic MUni ride, it’s the 29er FTW.

I’m trying to wear out this Maxxis Ardent as quickly as I can so I can move into a Hans Dampf. For now, I love my 29er as is. How is this thing lighter than my 26er? And, at the same time, in comparison to the 26er, it rides more like my 36er except it’s manageable off road.

The stock hoses can balloon a little under braking giving a slightly mushy feel, the braided hoses resist that so all the force goes to the caliper pistons rather. It just firms the feel up a little really. as well as being more resistant to damage.

I only changed my hose as my old standard one was cut shorter for my KH26 so was limited to how high I could raise my seat so it was a tad too low.

Yeah I have gone through all the size “steps” and the 29er just rules! it is within 100g of my KH26 which is very impressive. It also handles as well yet flys effortlessly over the rough stuff and is about 3 mph faster than my KH26 :smiley:

When ya’ getting a 36er, the 29er is like so yesterday’s news :smiley:

Shh I am trying not to look at those, Although I keep drifting into all the schlumpf threads :stuck_out_tongue:

You know you want to. Though I think it’s going to be quite a while before I’d consider riding mine off-road, you seem to be a rather quicker learner than me.

I really am going to have to get myself one of those Hans Dampfs and find out what everybody is talking about though. I have the 29er frame and wheel, but with a road tyre and 125 cranks. Since I’ve bought my Schlumpf roadie that’s going pretty much unused, so I guess I might as well try it with a muni tyre - just need to swap the cranks from my 26er muni.

I switched to the 29er with no drama at all and can ride pretty much any size crank / wheel combo with no issue (mounting is just second nature now on anything and any surface / incline) so riding a 36er and a schlumpf is greatly appealing as I want to see it a naturally adapt to those as well.

I am very logical being of engineering / programing bent and the difference in foot pressure required for different wheel / crank combos just seems very logical and intuitive, also all the Trials riding I have been doing is I can out hop most cockups regain my composure and restart without UPDing

The trials I ride are pretty steep but there are some good flowing gravel sections where you could use high gear and there is also a lot of graded cycle paths that I am doing along with the distance road riding I am doing where a 1.5 gear would be advantageous.

My main issues (other than the cost which isn’t that bad next to my previous £4000+ bike builds) is the very wet and muddy trials I ride and the fact I would have to move to a crank mounted disc (have a 2012 frame anyway) which I really don’t like the aesthetics of.

A kh36 on an oracle hub with a Waltworks tyre maybe the compromise :wink: and a cheaper option at that lol

We will see

I love your unis even more. need one of everything!

Cheers :slight_smile:

Like nurse Ben I love kit and tinkering to see what works and what doesn’t whatever the hobby :stuck_out_tongue: