Kh26, kh20 trials, surly conundrum 24"

Everything’s gotta go sale

Kh26 2016 model, with kh touring bar, $450 + shipping

Kh20, I’m not sure of year, 2012 or 13 I think
A few small scratches in paint, not down to metal, very clean, the tire still has some tread left, about half I guess. $350 + shipping

Surly Conundrum 24", kris Holm hub and cranks, Surly Large Marge rim, some light scratching in paint from rubbing mud off, no real scratches. Duro wildlife tire still plenty of tread. $450 + shipping

The 26 is sold!
Thanks Max!

All unis are SOLD!
Thanks again Max!

I wish I had seen this, I am in NJ and would have jumpped on them

I sent you a pm back in November about the 26 when I saw u were looking for one. You even replied back.

I do recall that now, WOW Wonderign what I was thinking now

I’m selling a kh24 I bought new this summer
Excellent condition

Chain67 where in NJ

Trenton area

Cool. I’m near the GW bridge