KH26 Frame

I see UDC.USA has had the KH26 frame on sale for a while now.

Does anyone know if there’s a new KH frame design in the pipeline?

Not sure if there is a new version coming out.

Heads up though, the one on sale may be an older version. The description says frame has both magura style and disc brake mounts. The one I received had only caliper mount and cable guides on right fork leg.

This was about two weeks ago and have not checked to see of they changed product description yet.

Current description from’s website: “The frame only comes with Spirit disk brake compatible mounts.” The picture also only shows a disc brake mount.

Some of the products I’ve bought from UDC don’t match the pictures. I’d check with them to be 100% sure before purchase. The UK and US stores have both typically been helpful and prompt about answering questions when I’ve emailed them.

Good to see they changed image and description of frame. After I got mine and saw it didn’t have the magura mounts I double checked in the website. While there the little chat bubble popped up saying “how may I help you?”. I told them about it and they said I could return frame. Since I plan on running spirit cranks with disc anyway I replied that I will keep the frame but asked if they would fix the listing.

I think the take away from all of this is we have to remember that UDC is really a small business. They have always been very helpful with me and very responsive via email, the phone and the chat bubble.

But since they wear many hats to keep the lights on, there may be times when their product descriptions don’t synch up with what they have in the warehouse.

I honestly can’t think of a single time where I was dissatisfied or surprised by what I ordered. In fact, I am amazed at the speed of their fulfillment and shipping.

Back to the KH26 frame… I’m kind of glad there’s nothing new in the works. I get to save some $$$.

I just bought a KH29 frame to accommodate a 29+ tire and I love it. The only downside is the longer frame and the oversized tire doesn’t fit the same in the back of my car.

I’m also waiting for a 100mm 32" frame to come out. Hopefully someone is working on this.