KH26 for KH4

This is a weird request but I have a KH26 unicycle, not used hard, I’m not a full time muni rider, a couple years old, in great shape. I am looking for a KH24. Originally I wanted to keep my 26er in addition to acquiring a 24, but at the moment financially I’m not sure if I could do both, so I was wondering if anyone would like to trade just the essentials.
I’d like to keep my own stuff mostly like the brake, seat post/saddle, post clamp, my cranks, pedals…I’m sure you get the idea and just trade the frame and wheel/tire what makes it a 24 and vice versa. I’m looking to trade with someone who obviously wants a KH26 and has a similar year and condition KH24. If anyone is interested message me through here or at I figured we could both pay our own shipping to the other person, not sure if we could do this but I’m putting it out there. See my 26er below.:slight_smile:
If you have a KH24 ISIS you are thinking of selling let me know, I’d be interested.