KH24XC - as a heavy-duty cruiser?

I’m thinking of getting a KH24XC and swapping the tire for a Hookworm and swapping to 127mm cranks. I’m wanting a cruiser that I can use to do some hopping and gentle drops. I know that the splined crank is overkill for what I’m intending, but a nice custom wheelset (Suzue hub, DT spokes, Alex DX32 rim) with standard frame, KH seat, rail adapator, alu rail post, pedals, etc adds up to close to the same price (about $100 CAD less).

Is the increased Q factor of the KH hub (vs. a Suzue hub) going to be noticeable?

Any opinions?

Sounds brilliant. It’ll be a great uni for that.

The increased Q-factor won’t be an issue for regular riding around. The Q-factor is mostly a performance issue if you’re doing sprint races at a track. The hard acceleration and super fast cadence would cause more wheel wobble more with a wider Q-factor. For regular riding around it’s mostly a non-issue.

The increase may be noticeable for you. For one your legs will be slightly wider which means your legs won’t squeeze or rub the saddle as much. And other minor ergonomic things that may feel different. Nothing significant and you may find you like the wider Q-factor better.