I couldn’t help myself.

Bought a new kh24,in PG is that crazy??It was right there!

I’m in Prince George working,after work I had to do something,found the “forest of the world”,unreal shaded cool singletrack.

I had to Muni these trails,the kh is great ,not use to the 150’s but i must say it feels fast and snappy.I’m on it.

I need the brake pronto,but I’m feeling goood on the new ride.

With the Migura /4 speed .what??,Ya man,I can’t wait for it!

Everyone was telling me PG sucked.I love it so far.

Muni PG

New Yike New Sike


Yea a 24" with 150mm cranks can actually go pretty fast if you hit the trail hard.
Congrats on the new uni.


Can’t get a brake for this New kh24,none left??Same old %$#@

I’m gonna rape the old kh for the Gazz , brake,etc,

The fusion seat is awesome.



Damn yike should come with a @#$%$#@!@ brake.


Most,no all bikes have brakes??

1 day maybe the kh will have a brake???

Just sell the thing with a brake ,kh,you got a frame ,hub,crank, seat but no brake ??

kh brakes??signature!!

you got a 4 speed hub,no brake.Give me a brake.Them the brakes.


As in Prince George in BC? Cool, I was born there. I haven’t visited for over over a decade unfortunately. Congrats on the KH24. I just bought mine this spring with a break. I took the brake off the day I got it and haven’t got around to putting it back on yet (this is my first muni). I’m thinking it might get more use when I get a KH36.