I can’t claim credit for that idea. Kris Holm should get the credit for that tip. See this old thread: 661 Armour

After a bit of jumping the cranck started to get loose. I have tightened it, but wich one of the boltes should I use to tighten it, the one that has been the anckel biter problem I guess? I might feel a slight click when I idle, could it be something else?

I guess Kris Holm might be the man to ask about this but the method I used to tighten my cranks was to:

  1. Apply grease to spline and put crank in place
  2. Tighten the big bolt, only sufficiently to just hold the crank in the right place
  3. tighten the other 2 smaller bolts
  4. Finish tightening the big bolt

One of my friends got his unicycle stolen after leaving it outside for five minutes. The kid got so mad that he coulden’t ride it that he gave it to me knowing that I unicycle and I then geve it to my friend.