Finally I got my new KH24, it is hughe, can’t wait to try it.

When I put it together I noticed that it makes a little scratching sound in a small period of each rotation of the wheel.

And the wheel is slightly more to one side of the frame than the other. Is this my fault?

Mka e sure the main caps are equally tightened and the lil metal dealies are flush with the main caps…thats prolly the scratching noise.

One thing to check is whether your wheel is in the right direction in the frame. I have seen wheels that fit perfect one direction and are slightly off when turned 180.

I have a Summit, I took off the wheel set for someone to try out in their frame and when I put it back on my summit frame the Chrome caps between the crank and bearing rubbed on the frame. You’re may be rubbing too.

Just a couple thoughts, let us know what you find.

Not that this has anything to do with the scratching sound but it might be worth giving the bolts on your seat a bit of a tighten up too.

I think I got ridd of the scratching sound. If the back of the frame is the part where the brakes shoud be, the wheel is in the right way.

Thanks for all the help so far

I did a small MUNI ride on it today, wow :smiley: it was great. A lot easier than riding my 20". It went through the snow with no problem at all. I had the seatpost at the lowest position and it is just perfect for XC riding, but would like it a little lower for harder MUNI and trials. Is it easy to cut it down, can I do it myself or should I get someone to do it for me?

Can’t wait for the next ride, but now I have to shower and go to the uni.


You can do it yourself, it’s a fairly simple operation. You can either hacksaw it, or use a pipe cutter. Depending on how snug the seatpost is in the seat tube, you might be best to file down or sand the edges to make sure no sharp materials are left to dig in. Don’t chop off too much, you can always chop off a bit more but putting it back on is much harder!

rothenberger pipe cutter.jpg

Re: Kh24

Check that the large spacer on the axle isn’t rubbing slightly on the bearing housing- the tolerance is very close. If it is, it’s easy to fix. Just take the cranks off and flip the large spacer around. The tapered side should be facing inwards. Some of the unis were shipped with this spacer facing the wrong way, sorry about that.


Re: Kh24

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>Can’t wait for the next ride, but now I have to shower and go to the

So you can’t ride the uni because you have to go to the uni? :slight_smile:

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I have a feeling you might need two points of contact with the ground for such a thing to work? Or at least training wheels on the front and rear. - John Foss commenting on a picture of a one-wheeled vehicle he saw on RSU.

Re: Re: Kh24

Yes I don’t dare take it with me yet, it might get stolen. I guess you knew that uni=university

I will probably ride a bit more with it before I cut it down.

I can do most of the tricks I can on my 20" the hardest thing is to freemount.

Is there any problems you got with the KH24, I’m considering buying one when gets them back in stock. Also, do you think its worth the money. But mainly I’m just wondering if you received any problems with it.

I haven’t had any problems, except the frame isn’t completely straight, but it’s not a problem and should be easy to fix. I have the new KH 2004 with new crancks so no ankle-problems

just lock it through the wheel to a bike rack/railing etc. It’s worked for me so far, and this is in Nottingham, the bike crime capital of the uk. (possibly. Near enough, anyway). It’s unlikely to get nicked by serious theifs coz there’s not much on it that can be re-sold. The biggest risk is from people who had a few drinks thinking ‘hey, let’s nick that unicycyle, it’ll be a right laugh’, who’ll be stopped by a lock through the wheel.
failing that, if anyone nicks it just look for it 15 feet away where someone’s thrown it down in frustration after trying to ride away.


Fear of that is the main reason I don’t leave my uni chained up in public; I wonder though how likely it is. Has anyone here experienced damage to a chained up uni?

I could lock mine up… My seat doesn’t use a quick release so that won’t get stolen. But i think a unicycle is much more susceptable to vandalism than a bike, only because its unique. I have asked each of my teacher’s if i can bring mine in and set it in a corner out of the way. They all said yes. This is at a community college though.

I read that at Harvery Mudd, due to their honor code thing, people don’t bother to lock up their unicycles… :open_mouth:

I had a valve cap shaped like a dice (die?) that was stolen off my uni. I also had a tire deflated one time when it was locked up at work. And a uni (unicycle, not university :wink: ) stolen when I didn’t lock it up around town. But at my uni (university, not unicycle :wink: ), I rode my unicycle for five years without locking it up and never had it stolen.

I went to a university with an honor code like that. They had a high bicycle theft rate because of their honor code. People just thought that they were safe leaving their bikes unlocked. Just because the students said that they wouldn’t steal things doesn’t mean that everyone who comes on campus agrees.

When I ride my new KH24, which is wonderful. I sometimes scratch my right 661 on the tyre. Is this something that will work itself out or do I have to try harder.

It should work itself out I guess. When I first tried my 24x3" I would occasionally scrape my leg against the fat tire. Now I almost never scrape it, but the other day when I tried on the Kris Holm leg armour, I noticed that the pads often scraped against the tire. I don’t think it is a serious issue, the armour can handle the rubbing, and it doesn’t slow you down unless it constantly rubs. You could either stop wearing the 661s, or ride bow-legged with your knees pointing outwards, or settle for the occasional rubbing.

I call those Roach farts because I usually wear Roach armour. I’m going to try to avoid calling them KH farts now that I have KH armour.

I try to avoid letting my armour rub on the tire. It used to be more of a problem for me, but now it doesn’t happen as often. So it’s a problem that will likely go away with practice. You want to minimize the rubbing because it will wear a hole in the fabric of the armour. If you do find that you are starting to wear a hole in the armour you can protect that area of the fabric with tent seam sealer. You can get seam sealer at any camping supply store. It will put a protective barrier on the fabric and help keep the fabric from fraying.

Another nomination for the “MacGyver Tip of The Month” award.