KH24 Wheelset on a Torker CX 24" Frame???

I am about to get married and can’t afford a KH24 Muni fram with Nimbus Wheelset… yet. Can I use my cheap Torker CX frame with a Nimbus24 Muni Wheelset? Sorry if this is an obviously dumb question. If so, would it hold up for a few months of rolling trails. I eventually want to put the wheel on a KH24 Muni Frame.


Congrats on the marriage thing!

The CX frame is not designed to withstand torture. If you are riding on flat surfaces you should be ok, but if you start doing drops let’s hope Obama get affordable healthcare passed real quick.

What is the gap between the legs on the CX frame? I really doubt a MUni wheel will fit in a CX frame. Even if there is enough width there probably won’t be enough crown height to fit over the MUni tire. Even the LX has problems with real MUni tires; although, some people have used a hammer to add a little more clearance.

I don’t see the Nimbus MUni wheelset on UDC right now, but the last time I looked it was over $200 without cranks. I think you would be better off saving a little more and getting a Nimbus MUni when they have them in stock again.

get the parts put on your wedding list… I’m sure she won’t mind!

‘Wife to be’ set aside $400 out of our wedding fund for a new unicycle , so my problem is solved (Joys of marrying an action sports beauty). Just waiting for next week to order from the awesome guys at I’ll try to measure the CX tonight to see if this plan would of worked anyhow.

Time to start riding in Riverside, CA. Will definately see you guys at the next Moab ride.


The problem i think you might run into would be if its an isis kh wheelset than it shouldnt be able to fit on the cx frame. The bearing size would be different so it wouldnt fit in the housing. The isis hub is the 42mm size and requires the 42mm frame where as every cx frame is 40mm size. I think you can go the other way with adaptors so you could put a 40mm in a 42mm frame but not the other way.

Space guy is correct

The ISIS 42mm bearings won’t fit in your 40mm frame. Isn’t this a great forum?, just ask and knowledge pours out like magic wine.:slight_smile:

The cx is an ok but marginal uni. Buy yourself a new seat as soon as you can. Then buy a new uni.

Also if you plan to learn tricks or be doing any trials stuff i would really look into the better uni beacause your cranks and hub cant take too much force before they start to bend and break. I went through two of those wheelsets in probably less than 6 months.

humbug on the 42mm bearings. I have had 42mm bearings in 40mm housings for years with no ill effect. What I would be most worried about is if the larger volume tire/wider rim would fit within the confines of the frame but since you now have a unicycle fund the point is a bit moot.

Problem solved. Gave the Torker to my most athletic friend to try to build a riding buddy. My fiance wants a mountain bike so we bought me a 26" Nimbus Muni so i could keep up with her new ride. PERFECT!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!