KH24 wheelset for sale

$ 150.00 plus shipping.
It’s in very good condition. See the link:

Everything you see in the photo plus I’ll throw in a pair of Wellgo B-27’s, one of the pedal bearings has a click going on that started the second day I had them. They work fine but the noise bothers me.

After I switched to Profiles, I set the wheel up for my son in a Yuni frame but he hardly rides Muni and I’ve set him up with a wheel more suited to what he’s in to now. I’ve got way too much uni stuff here so this could be a good buy for someone looking for a splined wheelset.

PM me if you have anything you’d like to ask.

  • Frank


Frank isn’t lying, he’s overloaded with unicycles. Someone do this guy a favor and take it off his hands.

is that Canadian? :wink:

Yeah, I do have some surplus. I think I can whittle things down to 5 and be happy. I could probably survive with 4 though :wink:

Looks like the KH wheel has found a new home too.

Sorry Sofa USD:D

  • Frank

You sold it?

Yes, a fellow poster is buying it.

i love this web site.

I noticed you are from Port Charlotte, FL. My family and I have vacationed in your area several times. Mostly Engelwood and Boca Grande, with some great fishing out in the Gulf.

I had no idea I could have possibly gotten involved in a group Uni ride. I’ll have to agree, in the words of Jagur, “I love this site too.”

You also mentioned that Frank A. has too many unicycles. Can I assume he is from Port Charlotte area also? If so, what a small world. --chirokid–

Frank is from the other coast of Florida. beeull lives in Sarasota.
Frank has a mother who lives in Sarasota so he makes the trek this way and we usually meet up for a ride when he does. Frank lives a few hours away, beeull lives 45 minutes from me. The local trails are directly in the middle of beeull and I, which works out nicely. I’ve been blessed not only to have a group of guys to ride with, but an incredible group of guys. We also have 3 kids from the high school who ride as well, they just built themselves some high dollar unicycles to keep up with us. However, we only bring them along sometimes… these kids are just bursting with skill and talent and it’s beginning to make us look bad. :slight_smile:

“I totally understand” :smiley: --chirokid–

Re: KH24 wheelset for sale

I am the proud new owner of this wheelset. Thanks for a great deal Frank. Franks sent me the wheelset the day he got my money order, exactly as he promised.

Frank not only sent me the wheelset as agreed, he went out and bought a set of 4 slightly longer bolts and nylon lock nuts to send along with the wheel. Watch for Frank’s sales, HE TREATS YOU RIGHT! -

My new Muni rides like a dream!!! --chirokid–