KH24 VS. Surly Conundrum 26- inch Muni

Just wonder how many people ride this Surly unicycle? I have been riding a KH24 for some time now and want to go to a big tire/wheel. i would like to know if there is and big differrents between a 24" to 26" with a 4.0 tire. im guessing the drops would be alot easy to take or it wouldnt make much of a differnets.

also was wondering if anyone was has rode it on northshore like stunts?

And why did kris not make a 26" muni? because is to close to a 24" and not alot of people ride muni. thats my guess.

thanks anything on this would be great!


The Endomorph is designed for sand, mud and snowy conditions. Places where having a large footprint are needed. For doing drops and technical muni it really is way bigger than you need.

If you are looking for a good off the shelf muni that is larger, I would recommend going with either the Nimbus 26" muni or the KH 29.

The problem with using such a large tire, is that it is super heavy and provides way to much traction. It will actually slow down your general riding.

If you are looking to get a bigger wheel, I just got a Nimbus 26" ISIS muni on Monday and so far I love it. I went on 5k ride this morning and found it quite awesome to ride with. I’m using 137mm moments and I still have excellent control and enough torque to get up steep hills. I haven’t really done any muni with a 24" that was meant for it, but I really like my 26" setup.

The Endomorph is actually lighter than a Gazz 3.0", and the Gazz has more traction, too. The problem isn’t traction or weight, it’s tire profile. The Endomorph has a very square profile, which means that any time it receives force on the edge of the tire, it wants to turn away from the force. Riding an Endomorph on a slanted or cambered surface is awful, and it affects rolling over uneven surfaces as well. I wouldn’t run the Endormorph for another other than super-soft stuff like sand and snow.