KH24 vs Nimbus 24 Muni

I was curious if there is any substantial difference between the KH24 and the Nimbus 24 Muni w/ moments? I was considering upgrading my frame on the nimbus to the KH and I didn’t want to do it if there isn’t enough of a difference to matter. Thanks,

KH vs “old” Nimbus II: Brake mounts, 10 oz lighter, not as strong, $200-$300.

For $45 you can get a new Nimbus II with brake mounts and custom paint job. I got mine in orange :slight_smile:

I have both and much prefer the feel of my Nimbus, not to mention the steel is more “ding resistant” than the aluminum KH.

I have the new nimbus frame in orange with the brake mounts. You make a good point on the steel. The KH seems popular and I wasn’t sure if it was for the name or the better ride. Just looking for some insight. Thanks!

Hey Brian, we have the same frame, the same color, aqnd we’re the same age! We should get together and ride :slight_smile:

Do you ever get out of Florida?

KH is a little lighter, perhaps a little stiffer, more damagable, less fixable and will eventually fatigue. I think it would be really hard to technically justify swapping the frame, particularly in a muni, but if you you like the look of it and you want it then go for it.

I had an old-type Nimbus II that I was very happy with, but it did flex more than other people’s KHs I’d ridden and just didn’t “feel” quite as nice to ride. I recently bought a new Nimbus II and I’d say it feels as nice to ride as a KH. The frame design is pretty much identical to the old one so I reckon it must be the bearing holders having a better fit on the bearings that stiffens the whole thing up. I don’t reckon you’d notice much difference in feel if you swapped to a KH.

On the other hand, KH frames do look very nice and are a bit lighter. If you’re the type of person who hits their knees on the crown (I’ve never had a problem with that) then the shape of the KH is probably a bit better for that.

Mine are 26", by the way, but I’d expect the 24 to be no different.


I wrote this under the other thread but I didn’t get any replies. If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Which frame would be considered stronger both in design and material. Also what would the advantages of one over the other be in terms of the frames materials, ride and design?