KH24 vs Nimbus 24 Muni

I have a Nimbus 24 Muni and have been really enjoying it. I was wondering what the advantages of the KH24 vs this UNI are, and if it would worth be upgrading in the future.

The frame is lighter, how about the wheelset? Would just buying the KH frame be a good way to upgrade? (I already have Moments and don’t seem to have any issues with seat comfort)

The frame would be lighter, and prolly more knee friendly. Bought, IMO, a better upgrade would be spending the money on a CF(carbon fiber) seat. The frame is more practical, for most people, but some CF will give more Grrr to your Muni.

…if you dont think you need that “grrr”, then the nimbus with moments should be fine.

Grrr??? So it just feels more robust, or what exactly do you mean by that? Maybe it turns out I could use a little more grrrr on my KH too…

One of the other differences (next to the frame) is the rim.
The Nimbus is 42mm wide and the KH 47. The tire will be more stable on the KH (same preasure on both).

You could just get the KH-frame and a KH Freeride seat if you really want to upgrade.

Naw, if I was shooting for robust I would have said girth. By “grrr” I mean it will make a uni ride more aggressive. Seatbases are plastic, plastic is flexy. We, as unicyclist, will sometimes put most of our weight on the seat. While ridding we also pull up quite a bit on the handle, which is attached to the seat.

My point is there is alot of flex going on with any typical ridding. If you are ridding hard enough that you feel you need upgrades than getting rid of that flex is one of the BEST and most noticeable things you can do for your uni. It will turn what was once flexy slop into a stiff responsive saddle. The uni will have more attitude, grrrrrr.

Ah, now I see what you mean. I think I will add a little grrr to my ride sooner or later.

Cf base. They make such a difference its rediculous.

The nimbus rim should be wide enough depending on his pressure and tire width. If he is using something like 2.5 at a highish pressure, I think it would be fine.

I have the DURO Wildlife 24x3 - with this size tire does a wider rim make much difference? I run about 18 psi. The trails here in AZ are extremely rocky and technical. As far as seat flex goes, I notice it a lot more on my kh20 trials than on the Nimbus 24 Muni.

Last year I built up a new wheel for my 26 going from a 32mm wide (DX32) rim to a 47mm wide (echo rear) rim. I found it made a huge increase in the stability of a 3" Gazz but but the difference was not nearly as marked when using a Duro which did not have as many stability issues with the skinnier rim.

If using a Duro either rim should work well.

KH rim is 47mm, the Nimbus rim is 42mm, not a huge difference. I have one of each and I can’t really tell. In some ways a taller tire is not a bad thing, a little quicker, a little faster. I run a Intense DH 3" on the 42mm rim and it has a nice looking/riding profile. The 47mm rim is run with a Duro Wildlife 3" and it seems to be a good match. I haven’t swapped them out, so I can’t cross compare.

Which frame would be considered stronger both in design and material. Also what would the advantages of one over the other be in terms of the frame?

Can you switch the tire from a knobby to a street tire: Maxxis Hookworm Freestyle Tire? Sorry if this is a dumb question.

Yes, you can switch tire pretty easily. The limiting factors are frame size and rim width.

You need to make sure your frame has enough clearance for the tire size you want. Munis that are sold with a 24x3.0 tire originally won’t have this problem as other tires are almost all smaller volume, but it is an issue for other unis that are sold with more roady type tire, like the torker LX won’t fit a tire bigger than 24x2.30 or so, or it will rub the frame. It is easier to fit a road tire on a muni than a muni tire on a “road” unicyle.

As for rim width, there is quite a bit a leeway, but placing a high volume tire on a narrow rim, or a narrow tire on a wide rim, can have a few non-desirable effects.

To sum up, the hookworm (it’s a 24x2.5 I believe) will fit just fine on the munis mentioned in the thread.

OK, that opens up more possibilities. Thank you! I think in another year I’ll get into muni but right now I want to cruise. I just feel that maybe I’ll like the Nimbus better then the KH for muni since it would flex more. At work I can either get a Nimbus road or KH muni and I want to cruise for now. For muni/road I dont think the extra weight will affect me. So wondering what my options would be if I wanted to change. I would go with the KH muni but my hunch is I might like the Nimbus better and maybe upgrade the wheel later. Plus the KH is much more expensive. I love my 19" for trials/flat though.