KH24 tiawan+ profile wheelset

I’m just heading out to the shop to install a profile wheelset on a kh24 ,looks like it’s going on the grinder,gotta clean off some of that extra metal around the bearing holders ,it’ll go.

I can’t see any other way to make it fit ?

Can you??

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I’m not sure, but you should probably read through the whole thread at the following link before you do anything drastic.


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Dont grind anything on the frame!!!
There is no need to grind anything to be able to fit a Profile hub in the frame.

If you have a Taiwanese KH24 frame then you’ll need to shim up the bearing holders to fit the Profile bearings. Read the link that Tom Blackwood provided for more details. Also, contact to find out if they have any custom shims for the bearing holders. If they don’t have shims you can use a soda can to make a shim.

Unless you are talking about grinding the flying saucer shaped spacer that Profile supplies. That spacer can get in the way and grinding it down would improve clearance. I actually don’t use the flying saucer spacer and instead use extra aluminum Profile washers instead.

Just out of curiosity, has anybody put a Profile hub setup in a Pashley frame and bearing holders?

I just got some KH 140 mm cranks, they came with a nice pair of shims.

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I’d like to hear how the project goes and maybe you can show us all an image or two when you’re finished?

As I understand it, the bearing holders on the KH24(tw) are slightly larger than the Profile bearings and thus the bearing holders require shimminng and not grinding.


kh24 tiawan +profile wheelset/grind it

I’ve triied to shim up the bearings ,not going to work ,from what I can see I just have to shave the bearing holders down a 1/4" on the out side edge that hold that redundant steel dustcap thingy ,whos idea was that? ,haha and the profile hub will drop right in ,
that shim idea is not possible ,I know Kris the man said it himself but I doubt it’s possible.Until I see one done, It’s not gonna work
A minor grind should do the trick .
I’ll post a pic when it’s done .