KH24, + Skinnier Tire, + KH leg armor, etc.

All as one lot:

  • KH24 with brake & pinned pedals
  • Skinnier tire for uni basketball, etc.
  • 2 tubes for skinnier tire
  • Plastic pedals for uni basketball
  • KH leg armor
  • Wristguards
  • Mudflap (good for commuting in rain!)

The uni is from almost 5 years ago (2010). I bought it from kalamazuni in this thread:

I rode it for a couple of years—and loved it—but then I became disabled and it has just sat around since. Don’t worry, the unicycle didn’t injure me! It was also in great shape the last time I rode it (normal cosmetic wear for MUNI and commuting, but perfectly rideable). It’s really hard to give it up, but I simply can’t ride anymore.

I’m moving across the country soon from Lompoc, CA, so this is priced to sell: $375 through PayPal for everything, shipping included (USA only)! My pain is your joy… :wink:

Just ask/PM if you have any questions. Sorry about the picture quality, but I’m really busy with moving preparations; I also don’t have time to clean the dust off. :slight_smile: You’ll understand that I’m not interested in breaking apart the lot!

Sold! :slight_smile: