kh24 shipment delayed

Incase anyone else bought a kh24 from, realize that the shipment date has been tentatively pushed back until may (could be longer). Apparently, something was faulty with the hubs, so they all have to be sent back and redone. Im not quite sure of the specifics. All i know is that i’m going to be a very grumpy person until may. give me sympathy. i have no other unicycle to ride until then; the rest are broken.


I went by there on Saturday and Amy told me that had happened. She was not looking forward to having to let all of you that had them on order know the bad news. Sorry to hear you are one of the people having to wait. I went through the same thing when I ordered my Jeep Rubicon 2 years ago. I was w/o daily transportation for 6 months.

This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

You have a long cruel life ahead of you… :wink:

I’ve had my 2004 KH 24 for over a month now.

Thanks Darren Bedford!


what?? i didn’t see any kh24s on bedford’s webpage. how much did u pay for yours?

what?? i didn’t see any kh24s on bedford’s webpage. how much did u pay for yours?

That’s because Darren only had one of them, which was a single sample shipped to me last Fall for evaluation, which I then sold to Darren. Darren also got one KH20 trials and one KH20 freestyle, but they both sold right away I think.

I’m really sorry about the delay. As was mentioned, the problem is with the manufacturer making the hubs. The problem was solved but not without a delay in production of several weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

Kris Holm

I paid about $700 US. That was with the magura steel braided cable upgrade and it included both the stock Duro tire and a Gazz 3.0 upgrade.


Is the sample I bought from Darren affected by this “manufacturing problem”?


MG - you’re welcome, anytime !

tennisgh22 - I have 5 times what is listed
on the site. Just send me a e-mail if you are
looking for something.

I am waiting for the same shipment of KH unicycles. I just don’t give promise dates until I know they are going to be here. May is most likely the right time.

I have one KH Freestyle unicycle in stock if you are looking for one.
I also have a few KH Pro model trials with Profile hub and crank sets if you want one of those.

Let me know,

darren at bedfordunicycles dot ca

No it’s not- don’t worry!


I have the trials one :smiley: