KH24 or Onza 24"?

I dont want to spend more money than I have to, but I want a decent MUni. It seems like EVERYWHERE people are talking about this KH24. Its maybe the most talked about unicycle I’ve seen in my internet research. Is it worth the extra 50 or 60 bucks over the Onza? says that they are out of stock for the Onza 24" Muni. Maybe there’s some other site I can buy it from…I’m reluctant to get it from cause the shipping and handling is so much.

So I guess it comes down to KH24 vs Onza24…or should I be looking more towards a Qu-ax? Argh why don’t I just buy them all.

By the way, thank you everyone for your replies to my previous threads. They have been extremely helpful! And yes I promise this is my last thread for today.

“So I guess it comes down to KH24 vs Onza24…or should I be looking more towards a Qu-ax? Argh why don’t I just buy them all.”

I, unicyclying newbie, with a need to part with some hard earned cash, am interested in these two, unavailable at this time, munis. I have been considering the, also unavailable at this time, Nimbus 24. I’ve heard good feedback about it too. My question is, what does one get for the extra 200 + dollars by buying the KH24 or Onza24 instead of the Nimbus 24? Why the huge difference in price? Are we talking durability, weight, noticeable riding difference, status symbol…?
Are there any other good choices of “available” munis?

definently get the KH. I ride a costom muni with all KH parts on it (just not the frame) and I havent had a problem except the seat post with the KH saddle, the KH comes with that brake lever mount on the seat post and it gets in the way of tightening the saddle down so it doesnt move. so what I did is got the right size wrench for it and bent it so that it would avoid the bar. but every thing else has been adsoluetly teriffic. your cranks will get loose but there is a thread on it. So eventhough I dont ride a KH frame Im still guessin that its high Quality just like the components

The qu-ax is a great muni! i have one, but the frame is alittle heavy so if i was u i would change 2 the cheaper frame that looks like a nimbus. it is cheaper and probli lighter and u will not have 2 get used to the fat frame that u hit ur legs on 4 dat first week or so…I plan to get one as i can afford it as i have money + buyin a qu-ax will probli work out cheaper then getting a kh in the us.
my 2 pennys
sorry if i used u’s,2’s ect i just got off msn

Tennis, how could you question this issue man? we’re gettin KH24s fo sho! Dont get the onza. I hear it can only take a 2.6" tire. I also hear that the 3" is soooo much better. Also, the onza does not come with a brake mount on the seat post. I dont know about you, but i’ve already got a set of maguras just waitin’ to go on the KH. Yes, the onza will be instock at very soon, but in my opinion the KH24 is definatly worth the wait.