kh24 muni

Its time to let my KH24 move onto pastures new and hopefully someone who will use it a little more than i have recently.

I have attached a link to a gallery of pictures. It’s been used for muni so obviously it has a few marks, i’ve taken pictures of these and as you will see there are no major dings, just a few surface scratches.

It is a KH 24, complete with:

Nokian Gazz 24x3
(spare duro wildlife 24x3 - brand new, never mounted)
KH fusion seat
Seatpost including magura mount
Set of Magura Brake Mounts
Choice of pedals - Those shown are the originals, Can also supply DMR v8’s or atomlab ballistics.

It is complete and ready to go, and only needs a magura to be a complete muni machine. Pictures are below:

The KH24 on appears to be £440 now, so i think £250 is probably fair with the spare tyre and brake mounts.

Situated in Bolton, Greater Manchester. It shouldn’t cost too much to post within the UK. Would be willing to deliver to a reasonable distance/meet for some diesel contribution.

Would you consider swapping it for a KH29"?

Sorry to threadjack but, KIT!
Are you riding again?

Erm… I’m out of action for a while until I’ve had some surgery done but want to MUni again once that’s over with.

Is it only worth spending this amount of money on a unicycle once you have reached a very high level? I’m currently riding (badly and only for short distances) on a 30 quid 20" uni with a bent pedal that unscrews itself and a really poor quality saddle which bruises you in no time…but if i’m not riding well yet and haven’t ridden with a muni yet should I wait or will it help me progress quicker to have a decent unicycle that will last a long time?


Sorry, but im not looking for a trade, i’m selling as im really not using it much these days so i wouldnt get any use out of a replacement.


There is an argument either way. Some would say don’t spend too much if you don’t know how much you will like Muni.

I would say that having a good uni can only be a good thing, it’s going to help rather than hinder your progress. So if you think Muni is for you, then its worth spending once, rather than buying one, loving it and buying another one later when you “need” it. Whatever you decide a new seat will be a big help!

Don’t forget that all it takes to convert this to a normal 24" uni is a new tyre (possibly better to learn on in the street), so it doesnt have to be muni specific.

Looking at your main options from a store would be:

£130 Basic Muni, basic frame, Square taper cranks

£250 - Good Muni, basic frame, splined cranks.

£440 - Top level Muni, Aluminium KH frame, Splined cranks, Adjustable Seatpost.

Im trying to be impartial… But i would say mine is worth the £80 extra to the basic muni, due to having splined cranks (stronger, better), adjustable seatpost (change the angle, good for finding a comfortable seat angle for muni), and better than the £250 Nimbus muni due to better frame (brake mounts, nubs for resting feet for idling/gliding, tyre clearance, better machining on the bearing attachments), spare tyre, possibility of adding a brake etc if you get really into Muni.

Hopefully that made some sense, anybody who views feel free to comment if you think i have missed anything. It might be worth putting up a post in the Just Conversation forum to get some more opinions?

Just want to give my opinion looking the other way. the Nimbus has an ISIS hub which is a lot better than splined, it has aluminium cranks not tubular steel, it has a gel saddle, the old kh high top saddles were aweful. They do have brake mounts on the nimbus frames. Oh and for your money you get a NEW unicycle not something that is around 7 years old now. Things have moved on quite a bit in that time