KH24 Freeride, How Happy RU?

Will it be as sturdy as I expect?

yes. The weakest part on it is the rail adaptor I reckon. Other than that it’s all beefcake.

It feels lovely and sturdy beneath you. It is a lovely uni.

Have you ordered one or are you still in the pondering stages?

dont worry i doubt you will brake it Kris Holm rides whith the free ride and I have riden with him and man is he CRAZZZYYYY! so dont worry you wont brake it not a chance. I have one myself too and I love it is so smooth feeling:D

yup, it’s super smooth!
it’s a great uni to have, it’s super strong too! and comfy
i guess some people could break the rail bracket, but as long as u don’t land 4-foot drops on the seat it should be fine…

Got the KH 24’’ freeride about 3-4 weeks ago. I love it. I would buy it again.

Bought and Paid for. It will arrive Memphis on Tuesday or Wednesday!!!

The worst part about this sport is waiting for your new Uni to arrive. What can Brown do for me? Beeline it!

That’s ok tho. I’ll have it just in time for the Louisville MUni Rendezvous.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Am I going to have to buy one of these too so I can keep up with the Tom(my)'s?

>> mucRider lets out an envious whine <<

Make me jealous. gotta stay content with my “old” KH24. Can I sit on it in kentucky? Oh yeah, congrats on the new ride.


I’m super happy with it. The old ones had a defect in the rims, but with the new rim it’s no problem. I would agree that the most likely to break thing has to be the rail adaptor. It’s not weak, I suppose, but it’s just average.

A great feature is that the seatpost is SUPER beefy. It’s really thick, thicker than any other I’ve seen.

They pretty much stink. I’ll save you the trouble of banging it against a tree, and grab it before it leaves Atlanta.:wink: Wow that’s amazing you ordered a unicycle and you will get it in less than a week!? How does that work? I must know the secret?

So, They’re beefy and wonderful but smell bad?

I can live with that. I don’t smell all that good on MUni day anyhow.

In the same box will come some new cranks for “Barky”. It will be trimmed down for daughter to join us on the trails…

I’m only getting this new one so she’ll be happy…

UPS tracking says its already in the system. You’re only hope now is to chase down as many brown trucks as possible and smell them.

UDC [hearts] MUC. (We’ve certainly bought them a ski boat by now):wink:
Besides, Bug, can’t you just go wait in the lobby for yours?

Since you work about 30 meters from the UPS loading dock perhaps you could ambush the guys at the UPS distribution center and save yourself about 12 hours of anguish.