KH24 Frame

My beautiful blue KH24 frame came in the mail this weekend, and I jumped at putting it on my handbuilt KH/Onza-AlexDX32-24x3" Gazz wheel, and the frame just barely rubs on the tire, which is slightly off center. I have looked at other pictures of KH24 munis and none of them seem to be this close. Anyone else experiencing this frustration?

You should figure out what the problem is. It could be the wheel you built, try taking it out and flipping it around and see if the tire rubs on the other leg of the frame. If it still rubs on the same leg, then go to and there’s an article about how to straighten a frame out. If it’s the wheel, true it.

Sounds like your wheel is dished. I wouldn’t try the UDC frame bending, that’s for steel. If you turn it around and it rubs the other side, sounds like your wheel is dished.

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yep, sounds like your rim is probaly a little un-true either that or you didn’t put the tire’s beading in correct the whole way around the rim. Also what ever you do… don’t try to “bend” the frame back… you can’t on a alluminium frame (as well as a CF frame). still your a lucky unicyclist to have a KH 2005 frame !

Pic 1

Pic again

side pic

YIKES that’s close. Watch out for gravel!!

Is there a difference in the XC and Freeride frames? If so might it be an XC frame?

That’s a good point. I don’t THINK so, but it’s possible. I thought all that was different between XC and DH was the rim was skinnier, smaller tire, and shorter cranks.

It seems like it shouldn’t be so close. UDC offers the Gazz as an option.

I don’t think my KH24 Freeride is that tight With the stock Duro wheel. A quick look at the site says that both the XC and the Freeride are 679 grams, that tells me that they are the same frame.

Just throwing it out there but are you sure it’s a 24" wheel? cuz man, it looks really tight!

I know it is 24", I had it on a Yuni 26" frame for a while, and I had over an inch of clearance on the top.

go to ur bike shop and tell em to fix it

have some gents with a kh frame measure the width to see if it’s the same. Maybe the frame has a narrower crown by accident.

that’s way too tight.

Or call and ask them to measure the distance between the fork legs. Then compare the measurement to yours. If it’s narrow, then ask them how they can help rectify the situation that minimizes time lost from riding.

you definatly got a problem there.

i’ll call a friend who just bought a KH 2005 frame and put it on his Gazz wheel…i know it cant be that close or he would have told me already… i’ll post back later.

Something’s wrong on yours!

Yours seems to be off on both height and width!

I’ve had the same problem getting a Perofile DX wheeset (24) to fit the new KH alum. frame. It just don’t want to fit.


I don’t believe it’s the Alex rim that’s doing it. The Alex rim is only a couple of mm narrower than the KH rim. There’s no way it could make the tire that much closer. There may be 2 frame sizes out there.

vivalargo - did you buy a frame only?