KH24 for sale

Pictures here

In order to offset the cost of a new kh 24 freeride, I 'm selling my old kh24.

It comes with an unbroken new model fusion saddle, a worn gazz tire, and the original brake mounting hardware.

Oh, the bearings were replaced earlier this year, and I will throw in an extra set.

Anyone have suggestions for the price?


I might be interested, which year is that? And how many splines is that hub?

Also, i’d be intested in what the rim was, i’m guessing alexdx but you never know ^^

I bought it from in 2003. I don’t remember what rim that is. I took the stickers off when I bought it. But, it’s the original rim.

by the way, it has the ankle biting nubs filed down and the new bolts intalled.

in other words ankle biting problem is fixed.

Ill give ya 300 for it

Check your PMs, Onefiftyfour

i also wanted to disclose that i cut most of the brake handle mount off of the seat post. and also that a good bit of the seatpost itself is cut off so that i could get the seat down far enough for my size. i’m 5’7". in the photos, the seat post does extend almost to the crown of the frame. i may post another pic of the seat post removed from the frame.

there’s a pic of the seat post removed in that gallery.

here’s a link directly to the pic

HistoricalGoof and Radiacal Reed would you still be interested?


Ill give you 250$ canadian for it

the price is $320 and I will pay for shipping to any where in the continental US.

Will you give me 300 for it and pay for 20 of the shipping?

by the way, I have the uni cleaned up and it’s already packed and ready to be shipped.