KH24 for sale

2003 Kris Holm 24" Mountain Unicycle

Ya’ll know the specs so I won’t post all that, here’s what has been changed out or modified however.

SADDLE: Newer generation on the KH seat was put on in May 2004, I broke the original seat (haven’t we all). Note, it is not a fusion, it is the generation of saddles right before the fusion

SEATPOST: The original seatpost is cut pretty short as I’m 5’8" so if you are a lot taller than me you will need a new seatpost. If you think the seatpost is going to be too short I have a Steve Howard made Rail Adapter with brake post I can throw in for an additional $25. Then all you have to do is go to a local bike shop and purchase a standard mtn bike seatpost. I can give more detail on the cut seatpost length if desired…just let me know.

PEDALS: I didn’t like the pedals that came stock with the KH, I found them to not stick well if my shoes were wet. Changed them out with a gnarly pair from the LBS, don’t remember the type and they aren’t marked but they’re hardcore and aren’t cheap. Big 'ole sticky pins that will make you think twice about not wear shin armor :wink:

Brake: Magura HS-33 Hydraulic Rim Brake, master cyclinder is brand new because my old one malfunctioned a few months back. Magura steel braided crossover hose between the slaves and a high qulaity Goodridge steel braided hose between master and slave. The Goodridge lines rules because it is plasitc coated on the outside so it won’t scratch your frame like a Magura steel line will. Expensive upgrade but it was worth it IMHO.

This mUni is in excellent condition, well maintained, and always stored indoors. Never done a drop over 2 feet. Wheel has a small hop in it but I’ll tru it before sending it out if requested.

$400 firm or it’s going on Ebay in a couple days to see if I can get some crazy bid-war going! :smiley:
I’m not sure what it would cost to ship it but I think I’m safe saying $25 in the lower 48…more to Canada obvioulsy. I will insure if buyer wishes to pay for it.

Here’s some pics…the top one is pretty old(the new master cyclinder is silver), the 2nd pic is from just a few months back.

I totally understand if you don’t want to sell parts of the uni rather than the whole thing, but how much would you want for the frame, seatpost, and seat? I’d like to apologize in advance if you are aversed to seperating the whole uni.

Edit: plus the magura mounting hardware if possible…

No problem gerblefranklin, feel free to ask whatever you want. I’m not gonna get mad or something (you little punk) :wink:

I am not going to part it out, it’s all or nothing. Why don’t you buy the whole thing and sell what you don’t want on Ebay? :stuck_out_tongue:

Check your PMs

Haha. I don’t have $400 laying around to spend on a uni. Right now any sum of money on that scale is going towards a milling machine.

ooh milling machine!!! cool! :sunglasses:

That looks like a very well set up muni, and a very well taken care of muni as well. If I didn’t have a muni I would buy that in a heartbeat.

i will probably buy…:smiley:

You might be too late DK… people are showing intrest.

I’m not interested in buying, but would you mind telling us why you are selling? Are you going to get a new KH?

You got it…I thought I could resist the temptation but alas I am weak :smiley:

why bother asking at all then? the frame, seat , brake hardware and post would go for $200 at least…

I’m very interested. I’m seriously in need of a MUni, so i’d jump at the chance for this one.

Yeah, right now I got $195. I’m sorry things that don’t concern you offend you Jagur.

sorry just making a statment. im not concerned,just recalling a past experience.

zod, check your PMs. (wow. “check your pms”)

weird associations…

steve0we, please get back in touch with me ASAP with an answer or I am going to sell it to somebody else. Thanks

dont ya just hate that?

I got a freakin queue of people built up jagur…makes me think I should have asked for more money :wink:

naw, that means the price is right. if people are blowin you off try the RSU Auction thing.