KH24 for sale

I’m thinking about selling my KH24. Is anybody interested in buying it?

Price? Pics? specs?

??? Why? Cool Name. Where are you located? Chad

I’m very interested. Price? Brakes? Specs?

E-mail me at .

i was wondering if this would happen.we went on that one ride a year ago and Gene and I never heard from you again (not from lack of trying).i’ll try and get ahold of you on the phone,if not i know where you live… :astonished:

I’m also very interested and have the funds immediately availible. Please e-mail me at

OK, here’s some more info. I bought it from about a year ago. It’s all black with a black and gray seat. It’s got a 3" Duro Leopard tire. I haven’t ridden it since I went out with Jagur all those months ago (I’ve got lots of lame excuses for that), so I figured It might be time to let someone else ride it. I don’t have a digital camera, but I could probably get my hands on one if someone really wants some pictures. I’m located in Salem, OR. I noticed that there is an auction area on this site. Would that be a workable deal for those of you who are interested? If not, I’ll try to contact you if you leave an e-mail address.

Oh yeah, hey Jagur, let’s talk. I’m not giving up on unicycling altogether. I’m strongly considering a 20-incher.

Does it have any brakes?

I sold the unicycle tonight. the deal took place on a dimly lit side street, with money changing hands by the light of a nearby streetlamp. A lookout made sure that nobody snuck up on us. Then, as quickly as this small band had come together, we went our separate ways. The end.

Sounds like the way Jag works. Was it him?

so are you saying im shady? i was mearly the “look out” and the phone man.

you guys didnt think a uni was going to trade hands in Salem without my stamp on it did you…?

the street was dark,the cash was exchanged and so were the unicycles.

nobody bought ol’Jag a beer though :frowning:

Thanks Jagur for watching my back. The Northside of Salem can be very dangerous at night.

Chad that was a very good description of our dealing last night. It felt like an illegal transaction as I counted out the money. Did you feel like a cheap whore in the morning? LOL…

Thanks for dealing with me and I hope that you get really good on the Trials Uni.