Kh24 for sale !!!!!!!!!

Im affraid the time has come. :frowning:
As much as i cannot find the heart to sell it, i also cannot just let it sit there as it slowly deflates and melts into the floor with boredem. Im sure one of you could give it a much more loving life than its currently living in the shed.

So regretably…for sale is my emaculate, 08 KH24 completely standard…apart from the magura HS33. It has had very little ride time. Tread on tyres are almost new. Few scuffs here and there.

Heres some pictures off it. Ill will give it a once over and take some newer photos tomorrow.

The pics arnt working… MORE Tomorrow.

I would appreciate any offers. I have a price idea, but would like to see what people want to pay first. Will post anywhere as long as payment is via paypal and for the right postage cost.


I’d offer $300, but that may be a little low…


Id be looking for about £230… but im open for offers. The magura is almost brand new. A closer look at the uni i spotted 1 or 2 small scratchs, the rest is just very very light scuffs. as youll see fromt he pictures.

PM me if need be.
thanks kieron

I really want the frame but dont have money. also I think its an 07 because of the blue hub

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