KH24 creaking - Fixed!

Well, I stopped by my local Napa auto parts store and picked up a tube of
Anti-seize. There was a remarkably large selection, considering I had never
even heard of anti-seize before yesterday. I chose the 1 oz, tube for $3.59
over the 10oz. can for $6.something. If properly cared for the 1 0z. tube
just might be a lifetime supply. Once home I removed the cranks, applied
anti-seize and reassembled the unicycle. I then took a ride, climbing the
same hills where the creaking appeared yesterday. The creaking is gone.

I wanted to change one thing at a time and thought that the creak was
definetly coming from the crank and so worked on that first. But, I checked
the spokes when I got home and they definetly need tighting. I will work on
that tomorrow. I probably should have checked and tightened the spokes
before. It is, after all, a production wheel, not a professionally made

Thanks for all your help.

John Hooten

john_childs wrote:

> My DM has a similar splined hub and crank design as the KH. I found it
> was important to grease up the spline and grease up the threads on the
> pinch bolt on the crank. The KH also has a bolt at the end of the axle,
> make sure the threads on that bolt are also greased or anti-seized.
> Then tighten everything down. Grease or anti-seize on all of the
> threads will allow you to get things much tighter and will hopefully get
> rid of the squeaking.
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