kh24 arrives; happiest day of my life

AHHH after 3 or 4 months uni-less i now have my kh24. I just took it to the LBS just to make sure everything was tightened and stuff. Its a DREAM! the seat is sooo nice compared to my old savage, the wheel (24x3 duro leopard) is a BEAST and overall is just looks so burly. I love it. The torque im getting with the 170mm cranks is rediculous. There are probably a bunch of other people receiving their kh’s around now, feel free to rant like I just did if yours arrives. Im not really experienced enough to write a thoughtful review, and Im not sure i really have anything to say that hasn’t already been covered in previous review. I’d take some pics but i dont have a digital camera.

It looks as tho I might be spending a lot of time with this new friend of mine. I can’t remember who but somebody made a good analogy for me. Going from a 16 inch savage to a kh24 is like going from a VW Bug to a Hummer. I couldn’t agree more. Please excuse me while i go ride it some more.



It’s time to go and tame that beast!

I remember you saying it has been coming for a while. Congratulations. Have fun. Where was it being shipped to and from?


Yeah next time remember to check that little thing that says USA when you go to next time. Stuff will definately come quicker:D

Re: kh24 arrives; happiest day of my life

Hey, that was me! I’m glad you finally received it. Have fun.

When I finally make it back to Maryland to visit my folks, I’ll try to hook-up with you.


Im glad the thing finally came! you have been waiting forever. did you order it from I hope you did. Im gonna get me one of those pretty soon. youre gonna have a heck of a time gettin used to that thing if you havent ridden for 3 or 4 months, and your last uni was a 16 inch. oh well, at least you are enjoying it!! dont hurt yourself TOO much! :wink:

Excellent! Those 3-4 months must have been horrible. Have fun on it, and please take some photos when you get the chance. Does it have one of those fancy new KH hub and crank sets I’ve heard about?


Congrat Grant, we are all happy for you. :slight_smile: --chirokid–

Congrats Grant!!! Just one more week for me. If you ever get off that thing, tell us more about its sheer awesomeness. I am soooo stoked about this its unbelievable.

My happy day should be tomorrow according to the ups tracking device thing…

I’m kinda sad that I missed my kh 24 by a few hours right before my muni weekend… It was sitting a few minutes away from my house but I couldn’t get to it because of customs…


tomorrow it will come, tomorrow it will come!
High-high, hippy-ho
Tomorrow it will come!

Arrrgh! Living on the west coast is great, until you realize you’re last to receive the new goodies. This is painful reading about everyone else getting their new KH’s already. I ordered mine last December, so I might take the prize for longest wait. Delivery scheduled for tomorrow though. Can’t wait!



Ok, so today is monday, the schedualed day of delivery. To be more precise, it’s monday 9;40am. I came home last night exhausted from my Muni weekend and wanted nothing else than some sleep in time. so here’s what happens:

it’s 9;30: I’m still asleep: ZZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz…

thump! thump! thump! WOOF! WOOF WOOF!

Me: Uh? what? shut up Peluche I’m trying to sleep!


Me: !!! thinks( this is it! it’s here! it’s finally here!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: )

So I run downstairs in my boxer shorts, and run out the door just in time to see Mr. Brown putting away this large rectangular box in his truck.

He looks around as and sees me he then makes the link between the smilling kid in boxers on the front lawn and him having to deliver something to the front door of that house.

Oh, he says, I’ve got a parcel for you. You’ve got to pay 155$ if you want to have it. Do you ave 155$?

ummm…well, my mom isin’t here…and neither is my dad…
(I was thinking I might aswell pay it myself but then I thought that my mom might not agree to pay me back seeing that it’s my dad who’s incharge of all my unicuycle related stuff)

wait a second…wher IS my mom? she doesn’t work on mondays…

Anyways, he says will bring it back tomorrow and leaves.

Yes, and leaves me standing there, in my boxers, half asleep and half awake withouth my kh 24…

Now I’m angry cause I didn’t get the full night of sleep I expected to have and I dind’t get my unicycle either.

Where the hell does that hidden 155$ charge come from?

I know what you mean. When mine showed up after I already payed for shipping over the phone, they wouldn’t let me have it till I payed $140. It had something to do with over the boarder. Suddenly my “cheap” new Summit is like a hundred more bucks then a new KH. My mom told me that I should just bite the bullet and take it as a lesson. I did. And am now the proud owner of a + $530 unicycle.


PS. I love it like a son.

Sending stuff UPS to Canada is a PITA! They charge brokerage fees and taxes that the US doesn’t require when Canadians send stuff to the US. Typical of treaties that the US signs. Always benefiting importers to the US while punishing exporters and their customers. I have found that sending items through the postal service eliminates these fees and taxes. Of course you sacrifice reliability, tracking, and timely delivery. One other problem is the limitations on size. You can send bigger items through UPS.

Consider yourself lucky they didn’t send you a banjo.