KH24 and tires

I have a KH24 with a 24 x 3.0 Gazzaloddi tire (and Alex DX32 rim), but I
haven’t done much off-road riding recently. Is there any reason (apart from
the difficulty of replacing the tire) that I can’t or shouldn’t switch the
Gazz with a Hookworm or Fireball and ride the KH24 on pavement? Would those
tires fit the rim and frame? And is the KH24 a poor choice (for example,
too heavy) for street riding?

You may find that the crank arms are a bit long. I picked up a spare set of the 140 mm cranks, it made a big difference, shorter would even be better for that type of riding.

The only issue with switching tires is the time and the bother that it takes to do it. The Gazz can be a difficult tire to get on and off the rim.

Try the Hoggy G tire. It’s a 24" fat slick. has them, but they’re not in their online catalog yet. The Hoggy G is less expensive than the Hookworm and I think it’s a better riding tire for urban riding.

You can see a picture of the Hoggy G tire at
Go to
The Bikes Etc. >> Components >> Tires >> Hoggy G
It says they’re 3.45" wide but they are really about 3mm less wide than the Fireball. The Hoggy G has a nice round profile so it behaves better on pavement than the Fireball. It’s much easier to turn on the Hoggy G than the Fireball.

Another option is to get a second wheel for your street tire. I have two wheels for my muni. One with the Gazz and one with the Hoggy G. Swapping wheels is much easier than swapping tires. Another advantage of having two wheels is that you can have different length cranks on each wheel. My street wheel has 160mm cranks and my muni has 170mm cranks.

A street tire on a muni like the KH24 is a good thing. It’s all about having fun. The muni is heavier, but the muni can also take the abuse of jumping off of things.