KH24 and 20" Impact for sale

I am selling these two unicycles. They are located in Kennesaw Georgia. I would prefer not to ship because of the hassle, but I am willing to ship them if necessary.

The KH24 is an older. I bought it used in 2012. It is in good shape with the usual scuffs and scratches. The seat and pedals are in very good shape. I would like $300.

The Impact was purchased new in late 2015. It is in excellent shape. I have not ridden it much. Asking price is $200.

Prices do not include shipping if they are shipped. Please PM me if you are interested.

PM sent


is the impact still available?


Still Available

I have been away with work. I’m back and both unis are still for sale

Hi. Sent a PM. Kennesaw related, not about the sale.

Check your pm’s. I was away too, but replied to your reply. Still interested in the Impact.