KH20FL as a Trials Uni

How much of a factor is it to have a trials uni vs. a strong flatland-type uni like the KH20 Flatland for bouncing? I got the KH20 Flatland for mostly street tricks and not owning a trials I am wondering how much of a factor is having a pure trials in being able to bounce and jump on top of/off of larger things. Originally I was hoping that this could be my uni for everything, but am now wondering if I want to get a pure trials too.

I know this tire is not has wide as a trials, takes pretty high PSI, and the wheel is a true 20" compared to a 19". Does having a trials make bouncing easier?

I noticed that Kris Holm commented when beginning to prototype this uni (the KH20FL) that one of his goals was to produce a uni where you could switch out the 20" rim with a 19" trials rim and end up with essentially a KH20 longneck street. Is that a good option for me? This would cost me about $120 for the KH 19" rim and trials tire vs $300+ for a decent trials uni.

Oh actually, I am mistaken. The cost I quoted above would be for the rim and tire, not the whole wheel set.

‘Trials’ unicycles are generally used for flat, street, and trials. The KH flatland is really only meant for flatland, and isn’t ideal for hopping. I think your best option would be to buy just a 19" trials wheel, and then you could easily swap out the wheels. The KH flatland is identical to the KH trials except for the wheel, so there is no need to buy a whole new unicycle since you already have a very nice frame/saddle/seatpost.

Hope this helps!

With the cranks an entirely built trials wheelset would be $250.

When you say the flatland is made specifically for flat, in what way is it not good for some larger jumping and hopping tricks? Is it about the strength of the wheel set? The tire pressure/bounciness of the tire?

If I get the trials wheel set, am I going to notice much of a difference? Are hopping tricks going to be easier? Did I make a mistake getting the flatland? I am mostly interested in outdoor flatland-like tricks, but want to be able to play around with jumping off of things…

As far as tricks on flatland go, between trials unicycles and the KH flatland they’re just different. I know Eli Brill used one for quite a while and liked it, he even landed 1080s and quints with it. The flatland wheel is more similar to a freestyle wheel, so there’s a trade off between rolling resistance/lightweight and the beefy/forgiving trials wheel. For purely flatland, either way you can’t go wrong. But if you want to do a lot of tricks on stairs or trials, then the trials wheelset will feel much better, even though I’m sure you can use the KH flatland just to dabble in trials a little. Oh, and I can’t really speak for the strength as I’ve seen many broken wheels of both types.

You could also buy a Nimbus trials unicycle with KH cranks, use it for trials, and then if you decide you really like the feel of a trials wheel you could put your nice KH frame and seat on the Nimbus wheel. A Nimbus wheel with KH cranks is very similar to a KH wheel.

This would cost about a $100 more than just buying a wheel.

I’d love to try out a decent trials unicycle. Anybody know of a uni club in the DC/MD area where someone who has a trials would let me try their uni for a few mins?

I would hold on to your money for now and just try what you have. The FL is built with equivalent parts to the trials and you aren’t likely to damage anything.

Depending on what crank length you are using you might want to look into some longer cranks for more control, and if you are going to be doing trials in a natural setting or riding rails etc you might want a tire with more aggressive lugs. The 20" Onza Sticky Fingers seems an obvious choice but gets fairly mediocre reviews.

I agree, you should be able to do lots of trials without damaging it, the only thing you should really avoid is big drops.

Or you could get an XTP Fluo. They’re $165 shipped on ebay and are extremely good for the money. I just got it and after having it for two weeks I was upset today because it was raining and I wasn’t able to use it :smiley: It’s really a quality uni for the money and you’ll be hooked to trials in no time.
Can’t comment on KHFL for trials but I do know that this uni will not disappoint.