okay, i have a KH20 for sale i bought it last year didnt use it much now ive pretty much lost intrest pics upon reguest email me or add me to msn comes with jimmy c i want like 500 canadian i would perfer paypal

Pics please.

they will be up tomorrow

Its tomorrow now… can we have the pics?

Its been two days, pics?

i think he died

Being 91 and all. Maybe he died of loss of blood when his hemeroids ripped.

sry i cant seem to find my camera

Oh, in that case, I call dibbs. I have a bad habit of sending $500.00 US dollars threw the mail for a Uni I have never seen. You wouldn’t believe the great stuff I have gotten from people when I just send them random Money!

chill out, they should be up this weekend
and its 500 canadian dollars, im in manitoba

They are just joking. :roll_eyes:

No pressure aobut pictures or anything, we just joke around to kill time.

yay, pictures

click on picture for a bigger version. Best way to contact me is msn( aim(NickFay91) or just email me onmy hotmail account, i check my pm’s rarely

some body should jump on this its a great uni, great shape. This guy is awsome and legit somebody should grab this soon

c’mon, nobody wants this bad boy

I would but

  1. i live in the us and i dont know how much that is converted to american dollars
  2. I just bought a qu-ax 20" trials and now i dont have any money

plz buy it i need money for my paintball gun

how much in australian dollars is that?
and also what is the cheapest shipping to aus?

thats about 570 AUD + about 120 for shipping i’d say?

i might as well just buy 1 brand new then:o

I think you should lower the price a little. I did a currency converter and it would come out to be 427 U.S. dollars while you can buy a brand new kris holm for 460 or something.