2x stock KH20 trials unis for sale. One of them has the usual kh seatpost, the other came with an onza seatpost for some reason.
Both in excellent condition - only had light use by a couple of geriatrics. One geriatric needs a knee replacement (seriously), so the 20’s are just collecting dust in the garage.
Would like $400 for the one with the KH seatpost, and $350 for the other - the onza seatpost had a bar sticking out the front which I cut off so it doesn’t look as pretty. Offers welcome.

Pick-up preferred, but can courier within Australia at buyers expense.

Located in Melbourne.

Expression of interest

hey just wondering if the KH20’s are still for sale?

Yes, both uni’s are still for sale.

I’ve got 1 quote from smart send couriers for $50 to Newcastle or $60 with insurance. I haven’t shopped around so there may be cheaper ways.

Or if you’re coming to Melbourne for the uninats next month you’re welcome to have a look at them then and save on the freight.

Thanks for the enquiry and let me know what you think.

Thanks for doing the leg work on the couriers, i am definitely keen to purchase one, below is one of my emails so we can work out the particulars.

Unfortunately i am unable to make it to the UNINATS:(

Cheers, Chris.:slight_smile: