KH20" Trials :)

I just ordered my kh 20 from and then payed for it and got it the same day :)!! And got great service from them!

then i assembled my kh20 trials in 40minutes time and went for a ride, i could tell that it was a great uni as soon as i mounted it, because it feels so sturdy and light weight, and very smooth pedalling and riding. Hopping down 3 foot drops feels like im riding off a curb compared to my old uni.

I would recommend this uni to anyone wanting a great quality trials uni, and i would also recommend buying it thru, the people there are fantastic!:smiley:

that’s awesome that you got it the same day you ordered it. Have fun

Yea I orderd the KH20 form to my LBS so that i oculd pay it off bit by bit but actually make sure i have it bu t they said the shipping from there was going to be at least 1 and a half to 2 weeks