KH20 Trials ARRIVED!!!! 1st decent unicycle ever!!!!

I finally received my KH20 Trials (07) today! It look so beastly!
I compared it to my basic one and that one is totally crap.
I still have to assemble it which I’ll do soon then I’ll get the hang of today and tomorrow by doing the tricks that i already know and ride down the street etc…
I hope I don’t wreck too much but maybe im just too protective over it.
Anyway it looks awesome and is awesome!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

somethings strange…ie got 137mm moments and i was supposed to et 125mm’s :thinking: (thats a good thing though) also, i got oddeysey pedals and not snafu :thinking: ( I dont know if thats a good thing cos snafu look awesome altho oddeysey ismore expensive…)
help wtf.

heres the details

If getting 137 moments is a good thing why didn’t you ask for them in the first place? I prefer 137mm to 125mm anyway for most stuff. I hate snafu’s, oddyssey JC pedals are much better, so that’s a good thing too. Snafu only have about 4 removable pins and they don’t have enough pins for good grip. Oddyssey have more pins and they’re all removable, much better grip.

I ride with the Snafus. Do all trials and muni, and a few street lines here and there, and I find the grip to be amazing on them. Feet dont slip off at all.

It also depends on what shoes and your preference is though.

I suppose curvy shoes fit in the “concave” bit better lol. My shoes are munted from gliding so there’s nowhere for pins to grip in but I still seem to get more grip with aluminium DX pedals than snafu’s.

just get pedals with alot of pins, they all break eventualy if you ride them hard enough

Snafus only have 8 pins per one side of a pedal, and 4 are non-removable. But meh, some people like them.

oh and if you get snafus make sure you have leg protection… the can leave some burly pedal bites

rite so thats solved.
I’ve assembled the KH and everything is fine except for one thing… thetyre.
im only 45kg and I’m 13 years old and I dont think there are much trials/street riders as the same age as I am. rite now the “Creepy Crawler Maxxis Trials Tyre 20x2.5” i inflated to only 25psi. It still feels a bit firm and hard when I hop. any suggestions? is this normal?

the seat post i shortened with a hacksaw and took of 125mm from 350mm cos it was so tall my the seat post is slotted into the frame as far as it goes and is my prefered height. when i grow i can just pull it up.

I’ll post some pics soon!

:smiley: heres some pics… the KH looks short cos i cut seatpost cos i short. ill grow into it and ill raise it… it looks weird but yer ill grow…

me with my KH after i assembled it :slight_smile:[/IMG]"]

hmm maybe this pic is a tree?nah its my KH…[/IMG]"]

nother pic of KH

all my unicyles so far

I’ve bought a few unicycles from now and I’ve noticed the descriptions/details on the site are not always correct, but you can always check in with Mal via the contact form on the site to check any details beforehand.

For the out of the box KH stuff you get via the correct specs are on the KH site.

Congrats on the 20! :slight_smile:

Even heavier riders sometimes ride trials tires softer than 25psi, for your size you can run it lower, as long as you aren’t bottoming it out and hitting rim you are fine.

People get far too caught up in numbers, stop worrying about what PSI it is and just put it to a pressure which feels nice. I’ve never known how many PSI I’ve ran in my tires - aside from the coker as I wanted to go over the recommended value but not dangerously so.

The KH unis stopped shipping with snafu pedals sometime last summer I believe, about the same time as when he switched to blue rim tape from yellow. It just means you have the most recent one.

I weigh about 82kg and I run my MEC at 20psi for trials. The reason I know what psi I run mine at is because once I found a good pressure I messured it so that when I change my tyre I know what to put it back up to so I dont have to spend ages working it out again.

+1, but I run at 22 psi (I’m 74kg). I used to run my tire (when I was 14 and really light) less than ten PSI. As you get better, add a little psi here and there.

Personally, I ran my psi pretty low for a while and could jump a lot easier.
But I started doing higher drops and started hitting my rim, which is NOT a good idea. And with the thin sidewalls on a CC it’s easy to have them slip up.

Find a psi that won’t hurt your rim before something that will make you jump easier.

Congrats on your new Uni. You worked hard and earned it. Now enjoy the fruits of your labour

Yah, my friend got a pedal bite, nothing major and his leg started bleeding.

Cool to here you got your new uni, I was extremely protective of mine too when i first got it, but now it’s covered in scratches :stuck_out_tongue:

alrite then, ill put it down to like12 or 10 or something. thx

Pedal Bite is nothing, when they chew, then your in trouble.

i got heeps use to a kh now.

the tricks are easier!!!

its way easier for drops and landing!!!

great for bunnyhops when you have good tyre pressure!!!(which i do now)

its good for offroad and a bit of Muni!!!

its awesome!!!

i just cant find many places to ride but im still getting the hang of it