KH20 Rolling Wraps Crank Issue

Hello Uni Forums,

So I’ve had a Khris Holm 20" for some time now and have just started working on rolling wraps and other crank roll tricks. However, Im finding it hard to keep my foot on the kh spirit cranks because they are rounded and dont stick out too much.

Some googling revealed these KH rollo disks which seem perfect:

However, I cannot find these sold anywhere. Does anyone know of any vendors or alternatives to these that can help me with these crank tricks? Or should I just invest in a different type of crank - if so what brand.


I bought there:

Rollos here at Compulsion. Warning: rollos appear to be built for Moment cranks. I don’t know if they’ll work with your Spirit cranks. Someone wiser will have to answer that question.

According to KH website, there is Rollo-disks for Moment cranks & for Spirit cranks (different models).

Seems like UDC Canada list both version (here is the one you would need). Maybe other shops have them. If they do not specify which version it is, send them an email or call them to make sure :wink:

Thank you for the link. I will probably be buying those.
Just out of curiosity, does anyone have experience with these rollo disks? Do they help?

Unfortunately it seems that website is out of stock. Every website I’ve found that has these listed is out of stock…

Kris Holm spirit cranks terrible for rolls, you are not the only one.

They help, and will make rolls much easier, but still won’t make spirits great for rolls. The surface on the crank is still small even with rollos, so they’ll remain slippery. They also might make your ankle bleed a lot, it’s quite easy to hit them with the disks installed.

Depending on how much rolls you are going to do, I might recommend just getting different cranks if you cannot get a hand on moments. Take a look at Mad4one technos, Qu-ax zeroQs or impact groovies, those are the momentarily available choices, all of them good for rolls. My personal favourites are KH- moments without rollo disks, but they are hard to get.

Finn speaks the truth

Thank you very much for the help. I think I am going to buy a pair of Mad4One cranks.
One more clarifying question: I dont know too much about unicycles yet, but are mad4one cranks compatible with the Kh20 wheel?

Hi Zane,

the only thing you should be careful about is to get ISIS Mad4One cranks and not the 6pin Mad4One cranks if you want to stay compatible with your KH ISIS hub.

Mad4One cranks are like KH Moment cranks and you may want to have a look into their equivalent of the rollo-disks to get a protrusion around the hub bolt for rolls.

Thanks, Siddhartha, I am planning on purchasing the adapters to increase the protrusion of the cranks.

Also, do you, or any other unicyclists, have an opinion on purchasing one of the two holed cranks. For instance the 117-136 mm Mad4One Techno 2 holed cranks. I am interested in learning trials riding (136 mm), but also playing around with some flatland/freestyle tricks (117 mm). Are there any arguments against them? Are they weaker?


I don’t think I’ve seen any urban rider use dual hole cranks, that doesn’t mean you can’t. They will probable be a bit weaker, but I wouldn’t worry about it. 136mm will be good for flatland, and depending on what freestyle tricks, may not have an impact(for wheel walking and stuff). From what I know, 117mm will have a bit more flow, and be a bit smoother. From my experience riding 114mm cranks, they are better for freestyle than longer cranks, but come nothing close to 90mm. IMHO buy single holes, and if you want to do freestyle, buy a separate pair of cranks that a really short, they could even be some cheap quaxs or similar. Based out of the tricks that I can do, freestyle cranks help with smoothness and speed. If you do practice in a gym, short cranks might be important, otherwise, I wouldn’t worry about it.

A bit weaker I’d say (hard to compare since no trials rider uses them), and when using the shorter holes, the rest of the crank that pertrudes may annoy you. It doesn’t bother for muni or road, but after landing a flatland trick you often have your feet placed in akward positions.

I would advise you to just go 125mm or 130mm, fine for trials, ideal (In my humble opinion) for flat, and doable (at least the 125mm) for freestyle.

A considerable part of the reasons people use short cranks for freestyle is because it looks elegant, and because you will be faster for gliding tricks. If you would be heavily into gliding, you should get a seperate freestyle Uni anyway. For one footed riding and stuff like that crank size really doesn’t matter in my opinion, hell even for dragseat I would not really care.

130mm or 125mm for trials is honestly very okay. Still loads of control. Of course, 140mm will be better to land big gaps (you just get more torque), but I know people that do 110cm highjump with 125mm cranks no problem. You’ll get used to it. Also you probably don’t want to do trials with MADapters anyway, so for a long trials session you could just switch cranks, almost the same amount of work.

125 or 130 for Flat is the best compromise of control vs flipspeed for me. The longer the cranks, the better you will be able to stay on the uni after a badly landed trick, but the harder the wheel will be to flip/unispin. 114s give up to much control in my opinion, 140s I rode for quite a while, I liked it but I prefer 125mm now, they just flip faster.