KH20 pedal problem

i just got my new KH20 2005 and have been having a blast on it! but the right pedal seems to be making a rattling sound, so i tried to tighten it more but it doesn’t seem to help. just want to figure this out before it does any perminent damage so any help would be awesome. Thanks!


Are you sure it’s coming from the pedal? New splined uni’s tend to have creaky cranks, which is a problem that needs addressed immediately.

If the sound is coming from the crank, you should:

  1. take off the crank
  2. clean the splines and crank
  3. very liberally re-grease the splines and inside of the crank
  4. put it back together, making sure the bolts are tight

Even if you suspect the cranks of making noise, it’s a good idea to do the above steps anyway. It’s preventative maintainance that makes your hub and cranks last longer.

Search up ‘splined crank maintainance’ or something if you want more detailed directions on the process…


Snafus are freakish loose pedals unless they are sealed. Snafus rattle alot, it sounds like marbles on a soup can if you bail.