kh20 or koxx (trials)

i dont care how much i spend i just want the best trials unicycle i can get!
but i have heard alot about these two trials unicycle (kh20 trials)(koxx)
wich one is the better unicycle? wich one is stronger and lighter and all around the better trials unicycle???

if you think you know a better unicycle than these two tell me!

and if you think costomizing one is better than please tell me and i would like to hear your idea of a PERFECT TRIALS UNICYCLE

If money isn’t an issue, and all you want is strength…Go for the KH.

If you don’t want a uni that looks nearly identical to half the street/trials/flat community, get a koxx built up.

They’re both fantastic unicycles, the KH is a bit more cuztomizable but I haven’t swapped one part other than the pedals.

If money isn’t an issue and you want a super awesome trails I say get a 09 KH wheelset (Ti hub), with Onza Tensile cranks, Wellgo MG-1’s (Ti spindle), with a SW CF base (if you can get one), a EB or Sponge frame, and change all the bolts out for aluminum ones. I’m sure I forgot something if somone would like to add.

Ohh a single bolt seat post clamp would be good to.

I don’t think there really is a a best trials unicycle except if you are talking about strength and weight. All trials unicycles except the XTP and the new Nimbus TI are about the same weight and don’t effect much in my opinion. As with strength just about every trials unicycle with ISIS cranks and Hub is strong. No matter what trials unicycle you get you are going to break something over time. It’s just about the feel really, what ever feels the best is the best but of course you wan’t be able to feel it unitil you purchase it.

So I’d say go with whatever everyone else is saying which is the KH.

KH20 is stronger than Koxx and lighter. Get a KH20 and a Carbon Fiber seat base. You can get lighter than that but you have to customize it, and the super light, strong(and expensive) set up is in the other post before… I would just get a KH20 and a CF base.

What Michaelgoround said. If money is not an issue -> go custom

KH 09 TI wheelset, Ti or CF frame, CF seatbase, Tensile cranks
Will be strong and light (and quite expensive)


Unisykolist… youre wrong. Try to compare the KH hub with the red Quax (thats ISIS too, but not as strong as the KH)
Just one example, i wanna keep it short :wink:

If I were you I’d wait until September to see what’s new from Koxx.

On paper the XTP2 (with the new cranks & hub) seems to be an inch above other trial unicycles out there.

yea im gonna wait untill christmas so ill see whats new

If I was you I wouldn’t wait, I’m not sure if the new Koxx-one product can beat the new KH stuff that is already out. Anyway, it’s your choice, but you can’t go wrong with KH.