KH20 on eBay (two actually)

Hey - I found a KH20 (I want a KH24) on eBay, and it was about to close. Then I found that the same seller has another one on there.

The first one closed at $265 plus $54 shipping. Not a bad price at all.

The second one is closing on Feb.20.

They both are claimed to be in condition “New, Not in Retail Box”.

Is that a 2007 model?

It looks like it to me. It also looks like the right crank is on the left side.

yeah you can tell coz it’s got the isis hub and cranks.

First one his sadle is wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, I think it’s the same pics for both, and you’re probably right - it’s the saddle on backwards, and not the cranks.

Looks like the winner of the first is also high bidder on the second.

I think this one will go for much more than the first one.

I bought an awesome Alva skateboard deck from the seller of this uni–they were very fast with shipping and had good communication. Wish I’d seen that prior listing–what a deal.

So the person who bought the first of these two eBay KH20’s (for $265) has now re-listed the damn thing on eBay here.

Damn uni-profiteer.

KH Trials

Buy it now price is $75.00 cheaper than the ones on UDC that aren’t available.

True, but the person just bought it to re-sell it. I guess I’m just mad that I didn’t think of it! :smiley:

I wonder what is wrong with that uni that multiple people would buy it and turn around and sell it again.

I believe there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. The sellers both have good feedback ratings. The first buyer got it cheap, now he’s just trying to make a profit.