kh20?? is it as good as they say?

i am not new to trials unicycling and im looking for a new trials unicycle and it has to be extreamly good as in strong an light so is the kh20 trials really as good as they say???

Yes. 'nough said.

He speaks the truth. There is no nead to further question.

Why didn’t you ask this question in the other thread you started?

Noooo!!! It’s A lot better!!! :smiley:

I pretty much like it.

Its good, but not as fantastic as the KH24! :stuck_out_tongue: Now thats a dream come true.

He wants a trials uni

Mine is awesome!

I know, I did too lol. Just sayin… But yes, KH is amazing!

Yes, for trials, it’s probably the best stock unicycle out there. (well maybe some would argue the xtp).

Kh is an amazing trials uni.

For flat the frame seems to be snap happy.

I have one and it’s good, but I have never had a K1.

Both KH and K1 20" unis are both great.

I love my KH20!!! I had a Koxx-one before, I’ve bent the cranks(reinforced) and I broke the frame, so I brought a KH 05 frame and KH wheel set, now I LOVE it!!! :slight_smile:

they are OK
they aren’t great, but you can’t really buy anything better without buying parts and/or paying more money.

if you want a superlight and strong trials uni, get a KH and to tensile cranks…

forget the tensile cranks… unless you are a weight weenie.

It’s hard to find a good deal on KH right now

Renegade has K1 trials for 400 $ vs 570 for KH at UDC. I really like my KH, but if I needed another ride now I would go K1 just for the better price.