KH20 Freestyle to sell

I’m thinking of selling my older (several years) KH20 Freestyle in fine condition. What’s a reasonable asking price? Will ship from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (if nobody local is interested), so that cost is extra.

Depends on the year, and if it has any issues (Like rust, dents, etc)

Put some pictures up with full specs and I’m sure somebody will make you a offer :slight_smile:

Do you mean the KH20 Flat? I don’t think there are KH freestyle unicycles.

There was, in 2003/2004, wasn’t really popular though, that’s why there isn’t a KH freestyle anymore.

this one^^^

Wow, this looks really cool. Just needs a white tire and indoor pedals. There are some interesting details like the tilted bridge, I haven’t seen ever before.

Thanks for the pointer. I actually searched for it and didn’t find this.